How to Groom a Morkie

Morkies are the result of breeding Maltese and Yorkie dogs together. The dogs will usually take a mixture of characteristics from both breeds, including their coat type. As both Maltese and Yorkie dogs have coats that require a lot of attention, Morkies also need regular grooming to ensure their coat stays in good condition and that they look their best. It is recommended to start grooming your dog as a puppy so that it becomes used to being brushed and cleaned.


Step 1

Brush your Morkie frequently -- at least once a day, but preferably twice. Morkies have very fine, thin hair, which can easily tangle and knot. Once these have formed they are difficult to remove, so brush frequently to avoid this.

Step 2

Wipe your Morkie's eyes daily. Use a soft cloth moistened with warm water, and gently wipe across the eyes. This will wipe away tear marks, and also move any hair out of its eyes.

Step 3

Use very small grooming scissors to trim the hair around your Morkie's eyes. It is easiest to do this after you've wiped the eyes, as the hair will be damp and out of the dog's eyes, making it easier to cut.

Step 4

Wash your dog thoroughly once a week. Morkies can have very sensitive skin, so use a shampoo formulated to be gentle to the dog's skin. These will be available from most pet stores. Place a towel in the bottom of the shower and stand your dog on this. Use the shower to wash your dog's body, and rub in the shampoo. Rinse this out thoroughly to ensure no residue is left to irritate your dog's skin.

Step 5

Use a towel to gently rub your dog dry after washing it. Use big wipes, going in the direction of the hair, to prevent the hair from tangling. Once the hair is just damp, use a hairdryer on a low setting, and comb your dog's hair back into the correct shape.

Step 6

Book your Morkie for a professional grooming appointment once a month. If your Morkie has the standard Yorkie cut, once a month will ensure your dog keeps a neat appearance. If your dog has a Maltese style, you may be able to groom your dog every two to three months, depending on the speed your dog's hair grows.