How to Groom a Shichon

Shih Tzu genes give the shichon its long hair.

Shichon is not a certified dog breed; it is a mix between a bichon frise and a shih tzu. Hybrid dogs, such as the shichon, are bred to create a dog with the benefits of both breeds. Shichons, sometimes known as Zuchons, are long haired, small dogs that do not shed. Although they are not completely hypoallergenic, they are better for people with dog hair allergies due to their lack of shedding. These small dogs are easy to groom but grooming must be maintained for their health and appearance.

Step 1

Bathe your shichon once a month to maintain its cleanliness; more frequent bathing than this may dry out its skin. Massage pet safe shampoo into your shichon's coat without tangling its fur, then rinse it clean using a shower hose extension; condition with a pet safe conditioner and rinse again. Brush your shichon's fur before blow drying to prevent tangles,

Step 2

Brush your shichon once a day to keep its coat tangle free and glossy. Because shichons do not shed, their thick coats can mat easily; brush out your shichon's under coat every day to prevent this. Brush their tails and bottoms to prevent knotting and messy accidents.

Step 3

Trim the fur around your shichon's eyes and nose short, to prevent the fur from irritating its nose and blocking its vision.

Step 4

Clean the inside of your shichon's ears with a q-tip dipped in alcohol to prevent wax buildup; do not insert the q-tip into the dog's ear, only clean what you can see.

Step 5

Clip your shichon's nails once a week to maintain their short length; do not clip past the clear white point of the nail; the darker colored area may bleed if clipped.