How to Groom a Yorkie Bichon Puppy

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Whether you have pet dander allergies or just don't want dog hair all over your home, a nonshedding Yorkie bichon can be an optimal solution. This breed of designer dog is a mix between a bichon frise and a Yorkshire terrier. The long, luxurious coat comes with grooming responsibilities, though, which should be started when your dog is a puppy.


Grooming time is bonding time

Grooming a Yorkie bichon can be a bonding experience.
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Don't wait until your Yorkie bichon mix becomes old enough that his hair starts to mat and tangle. Begin a pleasant ritual of grooming from the earliest time your new pup has settled into your home. Start by teaching your dog to be touched at the same time you're feeding him a treat. Then, incorporate touching his ears, feet, and other areas in the manner that you will handle them when grooming.


After he's comfortable with you stroking him without a brush and having his ears, mouth, and feet handled, you can start introducing the grooming tools along with the treats. Make sure that any motorized tools, such as a nail grinder, are introduced in their "off" state initially and that the buzzing sound is desensitized at a distance before bringing it close to him. Your patient introduction of grooming over the course of a few weeks will help your Yorkie chon be calm for grooming during his lifetime.


Get your bichon frise Yorkie mix used to teeth cleaning. Dip your finger in some beef broth and rub it around his lips to start getting him used to having his teeth cleaned.

Bichon Yorkie grooming routine

Start a daily grooming routine with your bichon frise Yorkie mix that includes brushing, teeth cleaning, and wiping undereye staining. Pet wipes designed to freshen your pet and clean away dirt and any debris from outdoors can also help eliminate potential allergens from your home.


At least two to three times a week, clean your dog's ears with a wipe. The pup's fold-over ears can collect dirt and built-up ear wax. Use a pet wipe on the end of your finger or a cotton ball moistened with pet ear wash to wipe away debris. Don't use an ear swab, as it can damage your pet's ears, especially if she jerks her head suddenly from the tickling feeling.


Brush debris from the coat gently with a small wire slicker brush. Your pup will have a natural puppy cut for the first six months until the longer adult hair common to bichons and Yorkies takes its place. Your grooming kit should also include a fingertip toothbrush, meat-flavored pet toothpaste, and undereye wipes.


Schedule baths and trims

Besides daily grooming, your Yorkie chon will need regular attention to having his hair washed and trimmed, his nails groomed, and possibly having his anal sacs expressed. The easiest way to do this is to schedule regular appointments with a groomer every six weeks or so depending on how quickly your pup's hair grows.


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You can bathe your dog in warm water in a kitchen sink at home. Make sure to keep one hand on your pup at all times to prevent him from jumping off the counter and injuring himself. Use pet shampoo and rinse thoroughly to prevent skin irritation.


Yorkies and bichons can sometimes get inflamed anal glands. Use grooming wipes to clean away any fecal matter during your daily routine. Your groomer or vet can express any built-up fluid that causes itching and makes your dog scoot his bottom along the carpet. Your vet is best for this task, as she can determine the cause of the impacted glands. Some groomers do this as a matter of course; however, expressing glands that don't need it can cause anal gland issues.



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