How to Groom a Yorkie Bichon Puppy

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Things You'll Need

  • Canine shampoo

  • Grooming brush

  • Puppy nail clippers

  • Finger toothbrush

  • Dog-friendly toothpaste

  • Cotton balls

  • Warm water

Trim fur away from your Yorkie Bichon's eyes.

As a pet parent, you are responsible for grooming your puppy. Each puppy breed has its own type of fur, which determines the type of grooming necessary to maintain it. If you have a Yorkie Bichon puppy, then you have a mixed pet that is a combination of a Yorkshire Terrier and a Bichon Frise. Both breeds have long, wiry and wavy fur that can become tangled and matted if the puppy is not brushed regularly. Other aspects of grooming must be performed consistently as well, such as teeth brushing and nail clipping.


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Step 1

Use a grooming brush to brush the Yorkie Bichon's fur every other day. Brushing is important, because it picks up loose hairs that would otherwise be shed onto the floor and detangles the hair at the same time.

Step 2

Shampoo the puppy on a monthly basis. Over-shampooing canines can cause the natural oils in their fur and skin to dry out, and they need the oils to keep their coats moisturized. However, you also want to keep the coat clean. So, if your Yorkie Bichon plays in the mud or gets dirty, and it hasn't been a month between shampoos, give it a bath.


Step 3

Brush the puppy with a grooming brush after shampooing and while the fur is still wet. The fur of Yorkie Bichons is easier to detangle when it is wet. Since this breed's fur is long, if the fur dries without getting brushed, the hairs become tangled and mats can form, which then need to be cut out of the fur. Pay special attention to the area behind the puppy's ears, which is more vulnerable to fur mats, because it can grow longer.

Step 4

Clip the puppy's nails monthly, or use a rotary tool that spins around and files the nail down. Filing the nail creates a smoother final result than clippers, which can leave parts of the nail jagged. However, clipping is easier and quicker, which may be an advantage when dealing with hyper puppies.


Step 5

Brush the puppy's teeth once a week. Since Yorkie Bichon dogs are small -- and the puppies are smaller -- use a finger brush, which is a rubber toothbrush that fits over your first finger. Insert your finger into the dog's mouth after applying doggie toothpaste to it and brush the teeth with circular motions.

Step 6

Check the Yorkie Bichon's ears weekly for dirt and oil buildup. Since the puppy's ears fold over and are often covered with fur, it can be easy to forget that you have to manually check the ears. If the ears need cleaning, dip a cotton ball into warm water, squeeze out the excess water and rub the ball gently inside of the ear until the dirt is picked up by the cotton ball.