Homemade Spray to Use So Dogs Will Not Chew on Furniture

From bored puppies to well-trained dogs, pets can suffer from anxiety and curiosity. When your dog has chosen the legs of your dining room table, kitchen chair pads or sofa cushions as chew toys to satiate these feelings or teething desires, put an end to the behavior promptly. Make a homemade deterrent spray to apply to the furniture. Then, offer the animal durable pet-safe chew toys to ward off future furniture chewing.


Hot Spray

Dogs generally don't like hot, spicy foods. Although they can cause minor oral irritation when eaten, a spicy spray will not harm a pet. Pour hot sauce in a blender and puree until smooth. If the mixture becomes thick, add water to thin the sauce.

Choose a light-colored sauce to avoid staining furniture, or reserve this homemade spray for use on outdoor patio furniture or baseboards in a garage.

Bitter Spray

If your pet doesn't shy away from spicy sauces, try using a bitter or sour flavor instead. Lemon juice, lime juice or vinegar won't harm the pet but will make it pucker. For best results, don't dilute the liquid. Try this homemade deterrent spray on indoor furniture since these solutions won't leave an odor when dry.

Taste Test

After bottling your homemade spray, let the dog know how it tastes and smells before applying it to the furniture. Soak a cotton ball with the spray and place it in the dog's mouth, suggests The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

If the dog spits out the cotton ball, the spray should work. If it chews on the ball and doesn't seem bothered, remove the cotton ball from the pet's mouth and try another homemade spray, or opt for a commercially prepared pet deterrent spray.

Furniture Test

Before using any homemade spray deterrents, test it on a small area of the furniture. Try the underside of chairs or the backside of an upholstered sofa. Look for any discoloration, long-lasting odor, bleaching or staining. Most homemade sprays work best on wooden, metal or other nonfabric furniture pieces. Soaking a towel with the spray and laying it near the furniture will also help repel the pet.