How to Identify A Nebelung Cat

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How to Identify A Nebelung Cat
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One of the great benefits of having cats is that each breed is so distinctly different in terms of appearance, personality, and habits. You can find a cat breed out there to fit your life, whether you're looking for a lap-loving, affectionate cat or a high-energy, regal cat. While they're a lesser-known breed, Nebelung kittens and cats offer a visually striking appearance combined with a highly affectionate personality. These cats aren't yet terribly common, so if you know how to recognize one, you could come across a great cat in a shelter.


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Nebelung physical traits

Petfinder states that Nebelung cats have well-proportioned, athletic bodies. They have pointed heads with large, pointed ears and slightly oval, medium-sized eyes. Kittens may have eyes that change from yellow to green, but by the time a cat is an adult, he will have striking green eyes.

PetMD explains that the term "Nebelung" means "creature of the mist" in German, and it's appropriate for this stunning breed of cat. Though the breed only originated in the 1980s, it has quickly become a popular and well-developed breed.


Nebelung coat characteristics

According to PetMD, Nebelung cats look similar to Russian blue cats, but with a few differences. The Russian blue's coat is short, and the Nebelung looks like a Russian blue with long hair. The Nebelung has a dense undercoat and a bright blue color that's accented by silver-tipped guard hairs. The result is a cat that almost seems to have a glowing halo, and her striking appearance looks a bit ethereal.

Nebelung kitten and cat personalities

According to Petfinder, Nebelung kittens and cats have a fabulous personality. These cats are affectionate, loving, and very sweet, so it's easy to form a lifetime bond with a Nebelung. Nebelung cats are extremely devoted, and they'll follow their favorite humans around. They love to sit in your lap and be pampered, and if you treat them right, they'll be loyal to you for their entire lives.


Like most cats, Nebelungs will quickly learn your routine, and they don't like changes to the household. For instance, if you've been working from home and go back to working full-time outside of the house, your cat may have trouble with the adjustment. Nebelungs are particular about their environment, and while they're typically pretty quiet, they will become quite vocal if they decide something is wrong. This means that keeping litter boxes clean and cat food dishes full is important, or you'll hear about it from your cat.

While Nebelungs will strongly bond with their family, they're often cautious around strangers. This may be due to the breed's intelligence. Individual Nebelungs may have varying reactions to strangers, ranging from watching them carefully from across the room to hiding under the bed whenever someone unfamiliar enters the house.


Finding a Nebelung cat

If you would like to add a Nebelung cat to your home, be prepared to spend a bit of time finding one. Nebelung cats are not as common as some other breeds, but you may be able to find a cat available for adoption. Petfinder's Nebelung breed page displays shelters with adoptable Nebelungs, which can help to narrow your search. You should also check with your local shelters and rescues.

If you can find a local breeder, they may have Nebelung cats for sale. Be sure that you choose only reputable breeders and that the breeder offers quality, healthy animals for sale. Cattime states that Nebelungs are generally healthy, but you'll definitely want to be sure to purchase a well-bred cat in good health so you start off well.