What Is a King Doberman Pinscher?

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A King Doberman Pinscher is actually a cross between a Doberman and another dog. This dog, also known as a Warlock Doberman or Goliath Doberman, is not recognized by the American Kennel Club as a breed because of the loss of positive Doberman traits and possible creation of large-dog breed health problems.


The King Doberman has different traits than a regular Doberman.
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Despite the fact that it's not a pure breed of dog, the King Doberman can give you years of positive companionship, offering more traits than a regular Doberman.


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King Doberman Pinschers

Kings/Warlocks, are Dobermans bred with another larger dog breed, usually a Great Dane or a Rottweiler. Dobermans bred with Great Danes are also called Doberdanes, and Dobies bred with Rottweilers might be referred to as Rottermans. The name Warlock comes from a famous champion Doberman and is a marketing tool used by breeders to mislead buyers into thinking that these dogs are extra-special breeds of Dobermans.


What Kings gain from this breeding is size and power. What they lose is agility and speed. In addition, Warlocks and Kings can inherit the health problems that afflict larger dogs, such as joint pain, hip dysplasia and heart issues.

When Dobermans are bred with these larger dogs, they retain many of the physical characteristics that make them look like Dobermans, such as their coloring. Breeders also crop the ears and tails of these dogs to make them look like Dobermans.


If you see a larger-than-usual Doberman for sale advertised as a pure Doberman, you might want to get a DNA test before you part with any money. Pure Dobermans are medium-sized dogs, and a very large Doberman is likely to be mixed breed dog (and therefore, technically not a Doberman). According to the Doberman Pinscher Club of America, no reputable breeder will advertise dogs as Warlocks.


Physical characteristics of large Doberman

When checking for the height and weight of a true Doberman, look for a shoulder height of between 26 inches and 28 inches for males and 24 inches to 26 inches for females. Dogs more than an inch taller than these ranges might be mixed-breed dogs, especially if their weight also falls outside the ideal AKC range. For males Dobermans, look for a weight of 75 to 100 pounds, with females tipping the scales at 60 to 90 pounds. Obviously, these ranges correspond closer to the height of the dog.


If you want a larger guard dog, opt for a Doberdane.
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See Warlock Doberman puppies for sale?

If you are buying puppies and want a Doberman, your best bet is to get in writing from the breeder that the dogs are pure Doberman. If you want a larger guard dog, opt for a Doberdane. If you want a more protective dog, choose a Rotterman. Be careful that you will be able to train a Rotterman to ensure it does not become aggressive. If you will be leaving the dog with other pets or around children, you might want to reconsider if this is the right dog for you. These dogs also won't be good choices if they'll be living in a small apartment and won't be able to run and play outdoors.


With the proper training, however, these dogs can be loyal and loving and able to be controlled by their owners. They also do well with children they know and are very protective.

You should also know that many dog lovers frown on the practice of this cross-breeding of Dobermans to create "designer dogs," and you should consult the vet who will be caring for this type of dog to see if she has any concerns or warnings. If you know the groomer, trainer or professional pet sitter you will be working with after you adopt the dog, talk to them to get their suggestions and recommendations.



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