Labradoodle Hairstyles

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Several Labradoodle hairstyles are available.

Labradoodles are a designer dog, a mix between a Labrador retriever and a standard poodle. These dogs, known for their non-shedding coats, require regular grooming. The dog's hair is traditionally styled in one of several ways, but pet owners should be specific with groomers about what they like and don't like when it comes to their dog's hairstyle.


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Ear Haircuts

Trim a Labradoodle's hair near its ears to look good but also function well. Labradoodles are susceptible to ear infections, and proper grooming can help prevent ear problems. Hair around the ears should be shaved underneath, but left long and fluffy above the ear to fit the traditional Labradoodle hairstyle. Ears should lie flat when the haircut is finished.

Muzzle Haircut

The muzzle is one of the most distinct features of a Labradoodle, and the facial haircut is often described as a "teddy bear" look. Around the eyes, hair should be cut so that it frames the eyes and allows clear vision, but not too close to the head. The muzzle itself can look like a mustache, with longer hair coming down the sides of the snout and mouth. Underneath, the chin should be trimmed to prevent matting. Another option is to shear the hair underneath, which is a close shave as opposed to a light trimming of the hair.


Paw Haircuts

Labradoodles should have their paws trimmed when they go to the groomer. A paw haircut should remove any mats and the groomer should round off the hair on the feet so that all the hair is even and shaped in a round style. Hair between the toes can grow long, and should be trimmed so that all the hair on the paw is even. Hair should be trimmed underneath the foot as well so that snow and other outdoor elements do not harm the dog's paws by getting stuck in the hair.

All-Over Trims

In addition to styling of the face and paws, most Labradoodles will need a haircut all over their bodies as well. Some owners prefer the hair cut short, almost shaved; others like it long and curly. When they go to the groomer, owners should specify what hair length they prefer. Shorter hair will mat less frequently, and longer hair should be brushed several times a week.