Labradoodle Hairstyles

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A labradoodle is not a specific breed of dog but rather a term for a hybrid of two breeds: a Labrador retriever and a poodle. Whether the mother or father is a poodle or a Lab doesn't matter, but one parent is a purebred poodle, and one parent is a purebred Labrador. A labradoodle is a popular cross, and one of the dog's notable features is a wiry, fleece, or poodlelike coat that requires regular grooming since labradoodle fur usually grows rather than sheds.


Labradoodle fur usually grows rather than sheds.

So, most labradoodles need regular haircuts. What's fun is that there are several labradoodle hair styles from which to choose, including the teddy bear cut, the puppy cut, and the short clip. Which of the labradoodle hair cuts you select depends on the activity level of the dog and how often you're willing to brush and groom your pup. Because labradoodles are not a recognized breed, there is no labradoodle show cut, unlike other breeds, such as the bichon frise.


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Short- and long-clip labradoodle haircuts

The labradoodle short clip is, as the name implies, short and simple. The short clip is an even, all-over shave, leaving the fur only about an inch long. This is the ideal clip for hot summer months and for very active or traveling labradoodles because it makes it easier to brush and bathe the dog. It also allows the longest time between professional grooms. However, be careful not to clip too short because close shaving can cause skin irritation or even infection.


Similar to the short clip, the labradoodle long clip leaves the dog's fur the same length all over the body, but the fur left is longer than an inch, creating less of a skinny dog look and more of a cuddly, shaggy canine. However, the longer the hair, the more dirt it traps and the more brushing and bathing is required. Trips to the groomer will also be more frequent than with a short clip.


Puppy and teddy bear labradoodle haircuts

The puppy cut is a popular labradoodle haircut because it keeps the coat short and practical while maintaining a cute, round, poodlelike head. The fur on the body is clipped to about 1 inch in length, similar to the short clip, but the fur on the head and ears is left long yet neatly trimmed to create a round head similar to a poodle show cut. The intention is to make the dog's face look as puppylike as possible while creating an easy to clean coat.


The teddy bear cut is the cutest look but takes more effort to maintain. Similar to a puppy cut, the coat is clipped evenly all over the body, but the fur on the legs and head is left noticeably longer, keeping some of its fluffy texture. This cut works well will all types of labradoodle hair, including loose waves and tight curls. The teddy bear cut has a puppy appeal, but it does require some extra care and grooming.


Labradoodle lion cut

The lion cut is very trendy and might even be considered a novelty labradoodle hairstyle. Because most labradoodles have fur similar to poodles, it's easy to sculpt them into shapes to almost humorous effect.


Create a lion look by clipping the body and legs very short, leaving fluffy boots around the ankles and a tuft on the end of the tail. The hair on the ears, chest, and head, especially the top, is left as long as possible and is brushed out and almost teased to resemble a lion mane. Clearly, the lion clip requires a lot of maintenance, but it will attract admiring attention.



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