Lemon Juice Home Remedies for Cats with Fleas

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Keep your cat flea-free with natural lemon juice remedies.

One of the biggest headaches a pet owner can endure is a flea infestation. Once a small colony of these pests sets up shop on your cat, it can be a nightmare getting rid of them. Although there are expensive cremes and pet perscription medicines that promise to get rid of the infestations, some cats have sensitive skin or allergies that react strongly to these chemically based cremes. Fortunately, there are some home remedies you can use with your cat that utilize the natural flea-repelling properties of lemon juice.

Topical-Use Lemon Juice

The most direct way to get rid of fleas on a cat is to treat the cat's skin and fur with a lemon juice solution. To create a solution that is gentle enough for a cat with sensitive skin, boil water with one or two lemons (cut up) and let the lemons steep in the water for several hours. Then, strain all the lemon particles out of the mixture and pour into a spray bottle. Apply the liquid to the cat's skin, making sure to thoroughly dampen all fur. Take care not to get any of the lemon mixture in the cat's eyes. This can be repeated up to once a week.

Lemon Juice Solution for Carpet/Furniture

If you find fleas on your pet, even if you manage to kill all of them, chances are good there are still some living on your furniture or carpet, just waiting for an opportunity to jump back on your cat. Fortunately, there is a lemon juice mixture you can make to help get rid of fleas in these areas. Make a 1:1 solution of lemon juice and water, and then spray fabric areas thoroughly. Note: if you have a fragile fabric, such as velvet, test the solution on a small out-of-sight area of the fabric first to ensure that the lemon juice does not damage it.


Lemon Juice for Laundry

A third home remedy using lemon juice to help get rid of fleas involves using it to get rid of both fleas and their eggs on your cat's bedding and collar. Unfortunately, every time your cat lies down on his bedding, there is a good possibility that it is becoming reinfested with fleas. To remedy this, launder your cats bedding (along with his collar and any other frequently-touched fabric items, such as toys) into the washing machine. Set the wash temperature to its hottest setting and add a full cup of lemon juice to the load. Repeat every day until the flea infestation has passed.