The Life Span of Pomeranians

Like many small dogs, Pomeranians usually have longer life spans than large or medium-size canines. Expect your furry little pal to share your life for up to 15 years or more. Of course, certain health problems common in the breed could shorten that average. Take your Pom to the vet for regular checkups, and keep him current on vaccinations and heartworm preventive.

Spitz puppy lies
These happy little furballs often live well into their teens.
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Serious Pomeranian Health Issues

While Poms do suffer from various genetic health issues, most of them shouldn't affect life span. One that could is tracheal collapse, a common affliction of toy dogs. The trachea's cartilage weakens, eventually causing it to collapse. Early symptoms include a honking cough and breathing problems. Medical treatment may help mild cases, but severe or progressive tracheal collapse requires surgery. Patent ductus arteriosus, a congenital heart defect, causes heart failure in puppies, but prompt surgery can correct the condition. Without surgery, the Pom likely will have a short life span.

Other Health Issues

Poms are prone to certain eye diseases, including dry eye, cataracts and progressive retinal atrophy. Skin and coat problems plague the breed, including black skin disease, which causes most of the hair to fall out. Hip dysplasia and another hip malady, Legg-Perthes disease, can cause lameness and require surgical correction.