How to List a Pet on Petfinder

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Things You'll Need

  • Adoption contract

  • Tax information for non profits


Never list a pet as "free to a good home." This is not only frowned upon by the world of pet adoptions, but can be disastrous for an animal. There are people out there that prey upon these free listings, and do not always have good intentions for the animals. Please interview carefully! Not every inquiry is a recommended adoption.


It is important to note that Petfinder takes it's work seriously. If you plan to become a member, be sure that you are completely dedicated to what you are doing. Many will be counting on you to help in the quest of finding appropriate lifelong homes for desperate pets.

Help-a-paw Rescue Organization banner

Petfinder is a website that specializes in helping rescue organizations find homes for millions of adoptable pets. To date, the website has been responsible for 12 million adoptions since 1995. Photos and details of the pets available or adoption are submitted by rescue organizations all over the country. You can search for an adoptable pet by breed, organization or the state in which you are located. Petfinder has made it possible for millions of prospective adopters to unite with new animal companions. But what if you have a pet in your possession that needs to be put up for adoption? The answer is that you need to be a rescue group or shelter group to list a pet on Petfinder. If you are not, there are lists of shelters and rescue groups in your area, along with phone numbers that can help you get your pet listed. But, if you are already the head of a rescue organization or shelter, and would like to begin listing adoptable pets on Petfinder, there are some steps that you must follow.

Step 1

Go to This is the official Petfinder website that you will need to access to become a member. You must do this in order to begin your registration process.

Step 2

Click "become a Petfinder member" from the hover box located at the top toolbar. It is located under the "Animal Shelters" tab. Once you have done this, a new page will pop up with the necessary information to become a member.


Step 3

Seek the help of your trusted veterinarian. You must provide a letter of reference from your veterinarian, stating that they are aware of your adoption practices and that they provide you with veterinary services.

Step 4

Provide Petfinder with a copy of your adoption contract. Petfinder will need a copy of your policy before you can be approved as a member. The contract must be mailed to Member Registration, P.O. Box 394, Spencer, NY 14883.

Step 5

Get a copy of your IRS documentation if you are a non-profit organization. In order to list pets on Petfinder, you must not receive money for personal gain. Although you don't have to be registered as non profit, you can not be a breeder or someone who sells animals for profit. The documents required for a non profit organization are the 501(c)3 or state tax-exempt non-profit paperwork. If you do indeed have these, they can also be mailed to: Member Registration, P.O. Box 394, Spencer, NY 14883.


Step 6

Fill out the online registration form. After you have compiled all of the above paperwork for mailing, you can proceed to the online registration form and input the required information to become an organization member.

Step 7

Check your email! Your membership approval, and information for accessing the website will be emailed to you. Once you receive this, you can begin listing your adoptable pets on Petfinder.