How Long Does it Take for Goose Eggs to Hatch?

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How Long Does it Take for Goose Eggs to Hatch?

The average time for a goose egg to hatch is thirty days after it has been laid. There are variations in species, but for domesticated geese, the average incubation time is a month. Geese make incredibly good parents and usually are fully capable of taking care of their own eggs, so there is generally no need for incubators like with chickens or game birds.


Geese lay an average of 12 eggs in a clutch. They do not lay them all on the same day, so some eggs may hatch a day or two later than others.


Unlike chickens, geese only lay their eggs in the spring. In order to keep them healthy, it's best to have a ratio of one gander to three geese.



Goose eggs need to be turned every day. Some breeders will mark all freshly lain eggs to be sure the goose is turning them herself. If not, they need to be turned by hand.


If the eggs are meant to hatch and not be eaten, do not keep taking the eggs away to check on them while the mother is incubating them. She will often abandon the nest.


Artificial Incubation

Forced-air incubators for other domestic fowl will also work with goose eggs. The goslings can only survive 24 hours after hatching before they need to eat.