How to Make a Dog Coat Pattern

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How to Make a Dog Coat Pattern
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Making your own dog coat pattern involves only a few household items, and it fits your pooch perfectly. Dogs don't all have the same length or circumference that fit into one size. You can use the pattern repeatedly, use scrap materials and recycle old clothes to create coats, raincoats, sweaters and T-shirts.


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Measure Your Dog

Things You'll Need

  • Cloth measuring tape.

  • Pencil.

  • Paper.

Measure around your dog's neck with a cloth measuring tape just below his collar and add 1 inch. Write down the measurement.

Measure your dog's length from the center of his back just below his collar to the base of his tail. Record the measurement.

Place the end of the measuring tape on your dog's tummy a few inches behind his front legs. Measure your dog's circumference.


Place the measuring tape on your dog's chest just below his collar and stretch it downward to determine the length of the jacket in front. It should be about as far down as your dog's tummy. Choose between 1 and 4 inches for the length, depending on your dog's size.

Make the Pattern

Things You'll Need

  • Paper bag or Kraft paper.

  • Ruler.

  • Paper plate.

  • Scissors.

  • Tape.

Place a paper bag or Kraft paper on a table or desk. Divide your dog's neck measurement in half and draw a half-oval shape near the top of the paper in that size.


Place a ruler at the bottom of the half oval on the bag. Draw a vertical line down from the oval in the length of your dog's back.

Place a ruler at the top of the oval and draw a horizontal line to the right in the jacket's front length measurement.

Place the ruler vertically on the paper at the right end of the top horizontal line. Draw a line downward to the same length as the left vertical line of your pattern.

Place a paper plate at the bottom of the left vertical line and touching the right vertical line. Draw around the paper plate from the left vertical line to the right vertical line to create a curve.


Measure the horizontal width of your drawn pattern and double it. Subtract the measurement of your dog's circumference around his belly to determine your belly strap length. Draw a rectangle on the paper in this length and a width that you think would be comfortable for your dog.

Add 1/2 inch around the top, right and bottom of the coat pattern and entirely around the bellyband. Cut your pattern out with scissors.

Place your pattern on an additional paper bag or Kraft paper that is folded in half. Put the left vertical seam on the folded seam of paper and trace around the pattern. Trace the bellyband on the paper. Cut both pattern pieces out and unfold the paper.


Tape the two bellybands on each side of the coat near the center of the length. Try the pattern on your dog with tape holding the bellybands together underneath him and at the neck length.

Recycled Materials

You can recycle materials to make an inexpensive dog coat. Men's tube socks work well for very small dogs or puppies. The sleeves from an old sweatshirt or raincoat work well for small dogs. Sweaters that you no longer wear or inexpensive blankets make a nice warm coat for your dog.


Sewing Tips

Trace your pattern onto the material of choice and cut it out as you did for the pattern fitting on your dog. Sew the bellybands to the sides and add hook and loop tape on each side for a closure. Sew hook and loop tape on the two sides of the neck for a closure.

Coat Embellishments

Add your dog's name to his coat with a contrasting material. Trace the letters of his name onto material with no-sew iron-on adhesive under it. Cut the letters out and iron them on the jacket.