How to Moisturize Cat's Skin

If your cat suffers from dry skin, chances are you reap the consequences, too. Dry skin in your cat leads to excess shedding, dander and static electricity buildup. Since most cats have thick fur coats, slathering on moisturizing lotion is scarcely an option. Instead try moisturizing the cat's skin from the inside out with dietary changes and adding some humidity to the air in your home.


Step 1

Plug in and run a humidifier during periods of dry weather to help your cat's skin retain moisture.

Step 2

Switch your cat over from dry food to canned wet food. If your cat is reluctant to switch, make the transition gradual by mixing dry and wet foods before eliminating dry altogether.

Step 3

Spray your cat's dry food with a moisturizing mist. Mists infused with natural oils give your cat's dry food moisturizing properties.

Step 4

Wash your cat with a moisturizing shampoo according to the directions and frequency suggested by the bottle.

Step 5

Mist your cat with a spray conditioner.