How to Find the Breed of Your Dog

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The available tests work in the same way, although different labs may have more or less breeds available for identification. Do some comparison shopping before purchasing a kit.

Knowing your dog's true lineage is as easy as a cheek swab.

Besides the many dog breeds present today, there are even more mixed breed dogs in the population. While owners of mixed breed dogs may enjoy guessing what breeds went into the makeup of their pets, now it is possible to get a more accurate answer. Early in the 21st century, dog DNA tests started to become available. The tests often have several dog breeds, sometimes up to 100, on file to help identify a dog's lineage.


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Step 1

Order a dog DNA test kit online or call local veterinarians and animal shelters to inquire if they have them available for purchase. Read all instructions upon receiving your dog DNA test. Most tests will have detailed pamphlets explaining the process. Take the cheek swab out of the packaging and, following the instructions, swab the inner cheek of your dog.

Step 2

Place the swab in the return packaging. Mail the sample to the lab. The lab may take up to two weeks to email you the results, if offered, and they will mail physical results shortly thereafter.

Step 3

Read the results. They will often come with a detailed description of your dog's prominent breed, a thorough breakdown showing how many breeds contributed to his makeup and what percentage those breeds make up.