Panacur Side Effects

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Panacur is the brand name for fenbendazole, a canine deworming medication. The medication is considered quite safe for dogs. It's used to kill roundworms, whipworms, hookworms, and some tapeworms, all of which typically reside in the intestines or colon. Panacur is not effective against Dipylidium tapeworms, the most common type of tapeworm in dogs. Panacur is FDA-approved.


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Safe uses of Panacur for animals

Panacur is approved for dogs six weeks and older. The medication is also approved for horses and livestock. Off-label, it's used safely with cats and to treat lungworm infections and Giardia in dogs. Giardia is a parasite, not a worm, and Panacur is highly effective in killing the parasite. Talk to your veterinarian about any other health issues your dog has, as Panacur should not be given to sick dogs.


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Panacur forms and dosing for dogs

The most common form of the medication for dogs is oral granules. The granule form, or Panacur C, is available over the counter and can be given easily with food. The oral liquid suspension is available only via prescription. Liquid forms should be measured carefully. The medication should take effect within one to two days and is administered for at least three days.


It's important that all doses are administered based on your veterinarian's recommendation. Typical dosage is 22.7 mg per pound of body weight. A second round or retreatment may be necessary. Panacur doesn't prevent reinfection. It's not uncommon for dogs to need deworming regularly throughout their life depending on their environment.


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Panacur side effects are rare for dogs

Side effects of Panacur in dogs are rare, and they tend to be mild. Fenbendazole is considered a very safe and moderate drug. It targets parasitic tissue and ignores the dog's body tissue. Adverse reactions are unlikely. Side effects due to the dead worms passing through the dog's system are more common but still mild.


Some breeds may be more likely than others to experience side effects. Talk to your veterinarian about dosing for pregnant dogs to avoid side effects. Talk to your veterinarian before administering Panacur to young puppies or nursing moms. Nursing moms should not receive Panacur until their puppies are five weeks old.


Panacur side effects do not officially include hyperactivity in puppies, though instances of restlessness have been reported during treatment.


Does Panacur cause diarrhea? Very rarely, but it can. Panacur side effects include vomiting and loose stool, which occurs in about 1 percent of dogs. Slight and brief loss of appetite and salivation can also occur. Depending on the type of worm, dead worms might appear in the stool. Diarrhea can result from your dog digesting the dead worms.


Panacur has no known drug or food interactions.

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Allergic reactions to Panacur in dogs

Although Panacur is considered safe, allergic reactions can occur. Sometimes, the dying parasites themselves can cause an allergic reaction. This is more likely to occur if the dosing of fenbendazole is higher than normal. If you notice any signs of an allergic reaction, take your dog to the veterinarian immediately for treatment.


Signs of an allergic reaction include facial swelling, intense and sudden itchiness, hives, seizures, and cold limbs. Dogs suffering an allergic reaction to Panacur might also have pale gums and sudden diarrhea. They might also go into shock.

Other risks of Panacur treatment

Panacur overdoses are rare. It would take very large amounts to cause problems. Always read the label and adhere to your veterinarian's advice. Tell your veterinarian about any medications or supplements your dog is taking and whether they have had an allergic reaction to any medication in the past. Dosing will be determined based on your dog's age, history, and condition. In order to be effective, Panacur must be given for the full recommended duration, usually three to five days.



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