Puppy Symptoms of Fatigue

Sleeping puppy

Puppies often seem as if they have limitless energy. However, young puppies can get tired very easily and need adequate rest. Puppies that do not rest when tired are more susceptible to injury and illness. Most puppies need to rest every few hours and should only exercise for 10 to 30 minute periods until they are at least six months old. Always consult a veterinarian with any questions about how to take care of your puppy.

Calming Down

One of the most obvious signs that a puppy is fatigued is that the pup will begin to slow down. You may notice this as a slow progression from hyper energy to a calmer state of being. When the puppy is calm and quiet, it may be time to put him in his crate for a nap.

Disinterest in Playing

Puppies love to play almost more than anything. However, if the puppy has been playing for awhile and starts to refuse his favorite toys or offers to play, he is probably tired. If the puppy does not show interest in playing, do not force him to play.

Problems Listening

If your puppy has learned some basic commands and follows them on a consistent basis, one sign of puppy fatigue comes when the puppy isn't following directions. This may be a sign of exhaustion and is a good time to place the pup in his crate.

Falling Behind

If you take your puppy for a walk and find that the puppy is slowing down and falling behind the pace, the puppy is probably fatigued and should be taken home. A three-month-old puppy only needs a 15-minute walk to be sufficiently tired. Add another five minutes to the walk every additional month. Save jogging or long-distance walks for when the puppy is at least nine months old to avoid overtiring the puppy and risking bone and joint injuries.