How to Raise a Wolf-Husky Dog Breed

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The wolf-husky breed is a type of hybrid dog that's born when a wolf mates with a husky, usually an Alaskan or Siberian husky. Like all types of dogs, but especially with a timber wolf husky mix, this animal requires early socialization and proper supervision. Because of this responsibility, wolf dog hybrids may not be the ideal pet for every home. Still, if you adopt this mixed breed pup into your family, be sure to devote enough time and energy to raise your new pet to be obedient and kind.


A wolf husky is a type of wolf hybrid.
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Start training early

Every type of dog benefits from training as a puppy, so plan to begin house training, obedience lessons, and basic socialization with your timber wolf husky mix as early as possible. A wolf dog hybrid will do well with learning exercises that are fun for both of you. Patience and dedication to training is especially required if you want to use a work harness on your wolf-husky dog.


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Always offer positive reinforcement, such as tasty treats for good behavior, during each lesson and never scold or strike a dog for accidents in the house or other missteps. Punishments like these will only serve to frighten your dog.

Add regular exercise

Your timber wolf husky mix probably has Siberian husky traits, which means this dog's working breed instincts have deep roots. To satisfy your pup's energy needs, be certain that regular exercise is a part of the schedule every day. This pet's exercise plan should include at least one long walk or jog daily as well as additional time spent outdoors. Lots of opportunity to run in a fenced area or with you while on a leash benefits your wolf-husky both physically and mentally.


Even if you live in a city, know that wolf dog breeds' exercise needs can be adapted to suit the setting, whether you run at a dog park or set up doggie play dates with like-minded animals.

Supervise wolf dog breeds

Watch your dog closely in the presence of strangers.
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Every dog is an individual, of course, and mixed breeds like a wolf dog hybrid are no different. It's a wise idea to always watch a new dog closely when in the presence of strangers. As wolves are fierce pack animals, your wolf dog may show intense loyalty to your own family while behaving skittishly around those he doesn't know.


Be available to supervise your animal when he's interacting with other dogs and household pets. While Siberian huskies are known to be affectionate with their family and young children, it's best to monitor your timber wolf husky mix when around little kids.


Offer quality food

The average wolf-husky dog may weigh between 40 and 60 pounds, so a high-quality diet that takes into account this animal's protein requirements is necessary. You can always ask your dog's veterinarian for puppy chow recommendations or let the seasons dictate her nutritional needs. For example, when the weather is warm, aim for meals that consist of 20 percent protein. In the wintertime, up this protein number to about 32 percent of her total diet.


Tame his thick coat

Comb your dog's coat daily during shedding seasons.
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Although different hybrid dogs take on various dominant characteristics, your husky timberwolf mix is likely to sport a thick coat that will benefit from weekly sessions with a brush. Since a Siberian husky sheds his undercoat heavily twice a year, you'll need to up the fur maintenance to daily brushing at these moments. By raking out old hair and removing dirt and tangles, you'll help keep the coat of your husky timber wolf mix looking shiny and healthy. The best type of brush for your wolf dog hybrid's thick fur is a pin brush or wire comb.



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