How to Repair a Bird's Broken Wing Tips

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Flight feathers on the wing tips of a bird often break or are damaged when your bird flies into things while loose in the house, or he's startled while in his cage. Blood feathers on wings are juvenile feathers that bleed when broken, and can cause a scare to an owner. Most blood feathers stop bleeding within minutes. Regardless, you should stop the blood flow, stabilize the wing and take your bird to your veterinarian for treatment.


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Step 1

Hold your bird in one hand and pour some hydrogen peroxide on a bleeding blood feather to disinfect it. Talk to your avian friend in a quiet, passive voice to keep him calm.

Step 2

Dip a styptic pencil tip into water and touch it gently to a bleeding feather. This will help the blood to clot if it has been bleeding for more than a minute, giving you time to transport your companion to your veterinarian.


Step 3

Stand your bird on a flat surface while holding the injured wing in a normal position against his body. Place the loose end of a roll of sterile gauze underneath the front of the wing. Wrap the gauze over the top of wing and back underneath it while gathering together all of the flight feathers on the wing tip. Pull the gauze up over the front of the wing, over it and to the back. Repeat this procedure to wrap his entire wing with slight pressure in the gauze. Cut the excess gauze with scissors and tape the end into place with bandage tape. Immobilization of a wing prevents it from bleeding or becoming more damaged from flapping.


Step 4

Put your winged friend into a small travel cage and cover it with a towel. Call your veterinarian and advise him that you are on your way to the office. Keep your pet calm, quiet and warm while traveling to the vet to prevent any further damage to his wing.



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