How to Repair Cat Claw Marks on Leather Furniture

Things You'll Need

  • Leather shoe polish the shade of your furniture

  • Chamois or rags

  • Leather conditioner

  • Mild dish detergent

Kitty's claws do a world of damage to your leather furnishings.

Let's face it, your comfortable leather furniture provides an enticing scratching post for your cats. Feline friends simply love the texture and results of sinking their claws deep into buttery-soft leather. Even the most vigilant owner is hard-pressed to prevent their cat from getting her claws into that sofa or recliner a few times. Repairing cat claw marks in leather furniture is a process involving two steps: first, cleaning the surface, followed by camouflaging the damage.

Step 1

Clean the furniture, paying special attention to the damaged area. Moisten a soft cloth or chamois leather wipe and add a drop of a mild detergent. Gently buff the damaged area with the detergent, then wipe clean and allow to dry.

Step 2

Open the leather shoe polish and apply a small amount to the applicator or to a clean rag. Using a buffing motion, rub the polish into the damaged area and blend the edges into the surrounding leather. Allow the polish to set.

Step 3

Buff the polish to a new finish using a clean rag or chamois. If the cat claw marks remain, repeat the process.

Step 4

Apply leather conditioner and buff gently according to manufacturer's instructions to seal the color.