How to Return Food to PetSmart

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PetSmart is a major pet supply retailer that offers many types of dry and wet foods for a variety of small companion animals. Unfortunately, you might buy a food that your cat, dog, or other pet doesn't end up liking. If you have extra packages of the food, what do you do?

Veterinarians can recommend a healthy brand of pet food.

There is no need to fret because PetSmart accepts returns in the store and by mail for online orders. PetSmart's return policy is fairly generous and gives you ample time to make a return, but you'll need a few things with you to ensure that you get your money back.


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PetSmart return policy in the store

If your pet is not a fan of the food that you've purchased from PetSmart or you simply picked up the wrong food, you'll need to return it to the location where you originally bought it or another location of your choosing. All PetSmart stores should be able to accept your return. Bring the item to the store in the original packaging along with your receipt and the credit or debit card that you used to pay for the food if that applies.


For returns that are within 60 days of the date on your receipt, you'll receive back the full amount. The amount of your return will go back to the original method of payment, or if you paid with cash, you'll get a cash refund. For any purchases paid for by check, you'll receive either a merchandise return card or cash after a 10-day waiting period.


Keep your receipt on any items you may need to return.
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PetSmart return policy online

For any food purchased through PetSmart's website, you can return the food at your local store or via mail. Simply bring the food in its original packaging to your local PetSmart location along with the packing slip or a printed copy of the shipping confirmation email along with your original method of payment.


To return your order by mail, call PetSmart customer service at 1-888-839-9638 so that the representative with whom you speak can give you a return authorization number and email you a return shipping label. Include the original packing slip or a copy of the shipping confirmation email in the package. Write the reason for your return and the return authorization number at the bottom of the slip or email. Seal your package and mail it with the return shipping label.



Whether it was mailed or returned in person, you'll receive a refund from PetSmart that will go back to the credit or debit card used less any shipping charges. If you paid with an online payment method, like PayPal, you'll receive a merchandise return card.

PetSmart return without a receipt

For a PetSmart return without a receipt or with a receipt that's over 60 days old, you can still get some or all of your money back. Simply bring the food to your local store with a valid ID. You'll receive a refund in the form of a merchandise return card for the most recent sale price of the food, or you can exchange the food for one you prefer minus any difference in price.


PetSmart return policy for opened items

Returned items must be in new condition.
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PetSmart's return policy states that all items returned must be in "new or salable condition." This means that the food must be unopened to be eligible for a return. You can always contact PetSmart customer service to determine whether it will take back the opened food you purchased depending on your situation, such as a pet food recall.


If you've received a damaged or defective pet food product that has arrived opened, you can contact PetSmart customer service within 30 days of your online order. The representative with whom you speak will arrange for you to return your product for a refund and will also refund your shipping charges.



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