How to Get Rid of Static Shocking on Cats

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How to Get Rid of Static Shocking on Cats
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Things You'll Need

  • Humidifier

  • Fabric softener sheets

  • Ionic pet brush

In the winter, you may have noticed your kitty loves to shock you when you pet her. When the air's dry, your cat will build up an electrical charge in her thick fur and the minute that static finds a home - usually your unsuspecting hand - you'll experience an nasty shock. Usually if your cat shocks you once, it's going to be a repeated offense. There are a few tricks you can use to keep yourself from taking on your cat's electricity.


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Step 1

Set up a humidifier in the room your cat uses the most. You can also set up several around your house. This will make the air moist in the dry months and cause less electrical charges to build up in your cat's fur.


Step 2

Rub a fabric softener sheet over your cat's fur. Just like using fabric softener sheets on your clothes to keep static low, this will eliminate static in your cat's fur. The chemicals in the fabric softener sheets are not harmful to your cat.

Step 3

Regularly brush your cat with an ionic pet brush. You can find these online or in pet stores for around thirty dollars. This is a good alternative if your cat doesn't like the smell of fabric sheets. Besides, it will keep her fur looking shiny and healthy.