Side Effects of Malaseb

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Malaseb is a medicated product that you can buy as a shampoo, rinse, skin flush, or wipe. It's used to treat skin problems in dogs and cats. It's powerful because it contains miconzale and chlorhexidine, and its unique formulation of anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents with coat conditioners is very effective. Malaseb combats itching, fungal infections such as ringworm, staph bacterial infections, and yeast infections.


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Malaseb is mild enough to use on young puppies and kittens, but there are some mild to severe side effects most often caused by misuse or accidental ingestion, which usually occurs when a dog or cat licks the shampoo from their coat while being bathed. However, preventing the side effects is easily accomplished with careful attention. The medicinal value of the shampoo far outweighs the possible complications from its misuse.


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Preventing a pet's ingestion of Malaseb

Accidental ingestion of Malaseb medicated shampoo is serious, and you should seek immediate medical attention for your pet if they ingest any Malaseb products. This can be prevented fairly easily, though. When you treat your dog with the shampoo, you'll need to leave it on their body for just 10 minutes, repeated twice with each treatment session. That can be a long time to control your pet's desire to lick their coat, so don't leave them unsupervised during this time.


Try wrapping cats and small dogs in a towel to help prevent licking instead of leaving them in the bathtub. If you have a larger dog who is hard to control, you may consider putting a cone around their neck like veterinarians do to prevent pets from licking their wounds. Although no dog is thrilled to wear the cone, you'll only need it for those 10 minutes, and it can ensure they can't get poisoned by the medicated shampoo.


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Gastrointestinal irritation in pets

If your dog manages to lick off some of the Malaseb dog shampoo, their stomach lining may become irritated. If your dog vomits, becomes lethargic, or loses their appetite as a result, you should seek medical attention. Also, after any gastrointestinal irritation, be sure to give your pet plenty of fluids. If they do not want to drink regular water, you may try ice chips or ice cubes.


Respiratory tract irritation in pets

Inhaling the Malaseb spray can cause irritation to the lining of the respiratory tract. That can make it hard for your dog or cat to breathe, and it can also cause swelling. Only use this product in a well-ventilated area. Seek immediate veterinary advice if your pet has any trouble breathing or appears to have a swelling in their nasal area or throat.



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Avoiding eye irritation from Malaseb shampoo for dogs

Take special care to avoid getting any of the Malaseb treatment in your dog's eyes by using a washcloth to shield the eyes when applying the treatment anywhere near their face. Getting Malaseb in your pet's eyes is a serious problem, and it can cause changes in the eye as well as infection and pain. Rinse the eyes well with water and call your veterinarian if you notice any changes in your dog's ability to see or notice a change in the look of their eyes.


Preventing and minimizing a pet's side effects

Careful attention to its use and never leaving your dog or cat unattended for any length of time while using Malaseb in any of its forms is essential to preventing mishaps. It's also important that you only leave the treatment on for its prescribed length of time. Ask your veterinarian which Malaseb treatment might be best for your pet and then read and follow all instructions before using it.


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