Signs & Symptoms of Bleach Ingestion in Pets

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Cleaning supplies left out are dangerous to pets.

Many household products contain dangerous chemicals such as ammonia and bleach. If your cat or dog ingests bleach, the toxic product can result in respiratory and gastrointestinal complications. Bleach poisoning is the top poisoning in dogs, as stated by Pet Well Being. Keeping household chemicals locked away from your pets can prevent accidental poisonings.


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Initial Signs

Ingestion of bleach results in drooling and vomiting. Profuse vomiting may make your pet weak. Your pet may also cough, have red eyes from fume inhalation and gag. Smelling for bleach on your pet's fur can indicate bleach ingestion, as noted by Pet Education. Your pet's paws may become discolored from contact with the bleach.


Toxic Symptoms

Seizures and trembling can occur. Seizures can range from minor to severe. Your pet may have a seizure that lasts for a few seconds to a few minutes. With severe bleach poisoning, loss of bodily functions occurs. Your pet may develop hallucinations, barking or meowing at nothing.


Coma and Death

Low blood pressure results from bleach poisoning. Shock will develop, leading to coma. Symptoms of coma include irregular breathing, your pet becoming unresponsive to your voice or not moving limbs. Your pet's eyes will also close and remain closed. Death results when you avoid treatment.



Washing your pet's mouth out with water will clear out excess bleach. Washing remaining bleach from your pet's fur can prevent skin burns. Giving milk can help dilute the bleach ingested. Avoid making your pet vomit, suggests Pet Well Being. Inducing vomiting can make your pet's lungs absorb the bleach. Immediately seek the assistance of your veterinarian to treat your pet.