How to Silence Dog Tags

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Yes, you can silence those jingling tags once and for all.
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If the jingle from your dog's tags is annoying, consider tamping down the clanging as an alternative to removing the tags. Should your dog get lost, those tags can be a lifesaver, helping to reunite you and your pooch. On top of that, tags contain important information such as proof of rabies vaccination and important licensing information. Fortunately, there are several tricks to silence tags without removing them from your dog's collar.


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Do-it-Yourself Rubber Band Solution

If you're looking for a fast and cheap solution to silence dog tags, use a rubber band. Find a small one you can easily wrap around the tags so they're strapped together snug and will put a stop to the constant metal-on-metal clanging. While this solution is cost effective, consider that it's mostly a temporary solution as the rubber band may break or come off after a while.

Do-it-Yourself Tape Solution

Another quick and cheap option is to tape the tags together. Use tape for a temporary solution. Simply hold the flat sides of the tags together, get a piece of tape and wrap it around the tags so they're all attached together. While this option is cheap, convenient and fast, like the rubber band it's not meant to last very long.


Tag Silencer Solution

If you're looking for a longer lasting solution or aren't a fan of do-it-yourself projects, try using dog tag silencers. These flexible rubberlike covers come in different colors and sizes and are made to embrace the outside portions of the tags so they no longer jingle or rub together, wearing off the engravings. Simply stretch the cover around the outside of the tag for a good fit. Alternatively, you can try using those flexible rubber key covers found at hardware store.

Tag Pouch Solution

Another effective solution to silence dog tags, and prevent them from wearing off or tarnishing, are tag pouches. As the name implies, tag pouches are small bags made out of different materials and designed to contain the tags. They are meant to be attached to the collar to hold all the tags together in one pouch, which can be put on and removed as needed. If you feel crafty, you can make your own pouch by stitching some fabric together to make a pocket, inserting the tags and closing the pouch with strips of Velcro or snaps.


ID Tag Alternative Solutions

If your dog's identification tag has worn out so much it can no longer be read, place your contact information on the collar. For a long-lasting solution, you can purchase a collar with your contact information embroidered on or brass identification plates that can be riveted onto the collar. Alternatively, if you need a quick solution, write your contact information on the collar with a permanent marker. Check it out every now and then to ensure it remains legible.