How to Get a Tick Off a Dog

By Cuteness Contributor

Though there are many different types of ticks, they are all are blood feeding parasites that feed off of a host. Ticks start out incredibly small and then get larger as the engorge with blood. Ticks can carry many diseases and you need to be sure you remove the whole tick and do not leave any part of the head embedded inside of the body or you may end up with an infection.

Once you have identified the location of a the tick take some liquid soap and put about a teaspoon of it on a wad of toliet paper.

Hold the toliet paper with the soap over the tick firmly for about a minute (time will vary). This smothers the tick and he backs out on his own.

Grab the tick with the toliet paper when it backs out and flush it down the toliet to be sure it isn't wandering around your house some where.