Always Be Prepared With These Tick Removal Tools for Pets

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If you and your dog spend time outside, it's important to be prepared for finding and removing ticks from your dog's fur and skin. Ticks can carry a variety of diseases, including Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever, which can make your dog very sick. It's important to thoroughly check your dog's skin and fur for any signs of ticks. If you see any ticks on your dog, remove them right away. Tick removal devices make it easier to remove ticks entirely from your dog's body without leaving any part of the tick on your dog. You never know where your dog will encounter ticks, so having a tick remover tool with you while out with your dog is a must.


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What to consider when purchasing a tick removal tool

Prevention First:‌ Having and carrying a tick remover doesn't take the place of your dog taking monthly tick preventative medication and using repellent, as directed by your veterinarian. Even if you remove a tick quickly and completely, it's still possible for your dog to contract and become ill from tick-borne illnesses. If you discover ticks on your dog, it's also a good idea to alert your veterinarian and find out if they advise doing any testing.


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Accessibility:‌ Make sure that you select a tick-removing tool that you can have available anytime you are outside with your dog. The best tick removal tool is one you'll be able to quickly grab and use. The sooner you can remove a tick from your dog, the better for their comfort and health. Your dog can encounter ticks in your neighborhood as well as when out hiking in nature. Keep tick removers easily accessible at home, in the car, and in your treat pouch.


Remove Entire Body:‌ When removing ticks from your dog, it's important to get the entire body of the tick without squeezing it. Leaving the tick's head attached can increase the likelihood of disease. Squeezing the tick while it is latched onto your dog can also lead to an increased risk of tick-borne illnesses. If you aren't able to remove a tick's entire body, consult your veterinarian.


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1. Dr. Mercola Tick Stick Dog & Cat Tick Removal Tool

This handy tool is designed to easily remove the entire body of the tick. The unique shape of this tick-removing tool allows dog owners to remove ticks with a twisting motion instead of pulling. By twisting at the tick, you're able to remove the tick without leaving any part of it behind. This tick remover has an ergonomic handle, making it comfortable for owners to hold and use. Each tick remover pack comes with two different sized removal sticks—one for larger or engorged ticks and the other for smaller ticks like deer ticks and nymph ticks. To use, position the hook under the tick from the side, then lightly lift and twist the tick until it detaches.


2. TickCheck Wallet-Sized Tick Removal Card

This convenient, wallet-sized tick remover can be kept in your wallet, purse, or pocket while walking your dog. The tick remover is flat and the same size as a credit card. It has two different sized notches (one for adult ticks and the other for nymph ticks) so you can safely remove ticks of all sizes. There's also a built-in 3X (300%) magnifying glass, so dog owners can look more closely to see if they have removed all the parts of the tick. The tick remover also comes with a tick identification card that helps dog owners identify the type of tick they just have removed from their dog's body. Aside from dogs, it's safe to use on children and adults as well as other pets such as cats and horses.



3. TickCheck Premium Tick Removal Kit

This tick removal kit has everything you need to deal with ticks while out walking or hiking with your dog. The kit has two stainless steel tick-removing tools that allow dog owners to remove fully embedded ticks as well as partially embedded ticks. You can remove large ticks by sliding the prong-shaped tool under the tick's body and then lifting it off the dog. The kit also comes with a pair of curved, super-fine-tip tweezers that allow you to remove small ticks from your dog's body. The tick removal tools come in a leatherette carrying case that can be put into a pocket, backpack, or treat pouch. The kit also includes a comprehensive tick identification card with diagrams of the most common species of ticks in North America. The stainless steel tools should be sterilized after each use.


4. The Tick Patrol Tick Remover Tool

Easy to use on the go, this tick remover "key" can be carried on a keyring or attached to a treat pouch. You can even hook it onto your dog's leash for easy access while out hiking. The tick remover is made in the U.S. from high-strength anodized aluminum. To use, make sure the side that reads "Tick Patrol" is facing up, then place the teardrop-shaped opening over the body of the tick. Then slide the tick remover towards the head of the tick and pull upward and away to remove it completely. The tick remover is flat and lightweight, making it easy to carry and use.


5. ZenPet Tick Tornado Tick Removal Tool

This inexpensive tool is easy to use and allows you to remove a complete tick from your dog's body. It's conveniently sized and lightweight, so you can keep it in your treat pouch, pocket, or backpack. To use, slide it under the tick's body, then enact a "hook, twist, and lift" motion. This ensures the entire tick is removed without squeezing, thereby reducing the risk of tick-borne diseases or leaving the head or mouthparts attached. This tick removal tool was developed by a veterinarian to cleanly remove the tick's entire body. The product is sold in a two-pack—there's one tool for small ticks and another that's 3 inches long for larger ticks


6. Tac-Ticks Crawling Tick Remover, 6-Count

This tick remover is ideal for quickly removing crawling ticks from your dog's fur (AKA those that have not yet attached themselves to your dog). The adhesive strips can be used to capture and dispose of ticks within seconds. Ticks stick to the adhesive strips, but the strips will not harm your dog's fur or skin. Each pack comes with six tick trapping strips, and each one can capture up to ten ticks. The tick-removing strips are small, lightweight, and easy to carry in your pocket, backpack, or training bag while out walking with your dog. The product allows you to remove ticks without touching them yourself. Just open a strip, press it down onto the crawling tick, peel it off, and throw it away. It's important to note that these strips should not be used to remove ticks that are attached to your dog's body. The kit is made in the U.S. and comes with a useful tick identification card.

7. TickCheck Remover Spoon with Tick ID Card, 3-Count

This three-pack of spoon-shaped tools makes it easy to get ticks off your dog's body. Each "spoon" has a notch in it that you place in front of the tick. Next, slide the spoon forward to capture the tick in the notch. Continue pushing the spoon forward while applying firm pressure to detach the tick. Then you can scoop it up and place it in a plastic bag if you would like to save the tick for testing. The three spoons come with a carabiner so you can attach the kit to your backpack, keychain, belt loop, or treat pouch. The kit also comes with a waterproof tick identification card that features the most common species of ticks in the United States. The durable plastic spoon tools are lightweight, easy to use, and convenient to carry on all your outdoor adventures.



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