How to Trim My Dog's Eyelashes

Things You'll Need

  • Assistant

  • Harness or leash (optional)

  • Eyebrow comb

  • Small scissors


Be extremely careful when using scissors around your dog’s eyes. One slip with the scissors, and you could blind the dog. If you accidentally poke the dog in the eye with the scissors, take the dog to the vet immediately.


Eyelashes help to protect your dog’s eyes from dirt and debris. Do not trim them unless it is absolutely necessary for the dog to see better or to show the dog. You can purchase eyebrow combs, trimming scissors and other grooming supplies at most pet stores.

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Certain breeds of dogs have wild, unruly eyebrows and eyelashes that you must trim occasionally if you want your dog to look like a show dog rather than a street mongrel. Schnauzers are especially known for fast growing eyebrows, as are some Yorkshire Terriers and Cocker Spaniels. You must be very careful when trimming your dog's eyelashes not to accidentally poke the dog in the eye with the scissors. Depending on your dog's temperament, the procedure can go quickly and smoothly or take over an hour.

Step 1

Ask someone to hold the dog for you during the trimming process if the dog is uncooperative. Otherwise, put a harness or a leash on the dog so that you can hold him steady while you trim the lashes.

Step 2

Separate the lashes by combing them forward with a small eyebrow comb. Do this slowly and gently to avoid hurting the dog or pulling eyelashes out.

Step 3

Cut the eyelashes at an angle from the outside corner of the eye in towards the nose with a small pair of scissors. If the dog moves at all, immediately back off from the eye with the scissors. Make sure the dog's face is steady before proceeding to trim the eyelashes.

Step 4

Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the eyelashes on the other eye.

Step 5

Examine both eyes to make sure the eyelashes are even. If not, continue to trim until the eyelashes of both eyes are even.

Step 6

Comb the eyelashes again with the eyebrow comb to separate the lashes.