How to Use a PetSafe Shock Collar

A dog can be trained to stop barking by using a shock collar.

PetSafe is a company that manufactures products for cats and dogs. One of the types of products they manufacture is a shock collar for dogs. The shock collar uses gentle yet effective stimulation to teach a dog not to bark. Once placed around the dog's neck, the collar senses vibration of the dog's throat if the dog barks. It then emits the vibrations to attempt to stop the barking. If the dog continues barking, the vibrations become more frequent and stronger.

Step 1

Assemble the collar. Slide the thread buckle onto the collar. Thread the end of the collar through the buckle. Pull the excess collar through the buckle to tighten. Push the excess collar away from the buckle to loosen.

Step 2

Remove the battery cover on the receiver. Insert a 6-volt battery. Replace the battery cover. The red light on the collar should turn on, indicating the battery is powering the device.

Step 3

Attach the receiver to the collar. Lay the collar flat. Align the two metal studs/probes on the receiver over the two holes in the collar. Press down to firmly attach the metal studs onto the collar. You will need to exert force as the metal studs are slightly larger than the holes. Screw the probes towards the right with your hand to tighten them. Continue screwing until they can no longer be turned. They will be sticking outward from the collar, not lying flat.

Step 4

Attach the collar to the dog's neck. The probes/studs should be touching the skin on the dogs neck. Make sure the collar is tight and secure. You should be able to easily insert one finger between the dogs collar and neck. If you can't, the collar is too tight and should be loosened.

Step 5

Check the power light on the collar daily to ensure the collar still has battery power. Continue using the collar until the dog is trained not to bark. Loosen the collar as needed to accommodate a growing dog.