Yorkiepoo Hairstyles

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Your Yorkiepoo may look more like a poodle, more like a Yorkie or somewhere in between.

Since Yorkiepoo puppies are often born of unique shapes and sizes, different hairstyles have become the custom. Depending on the body type, facial structure and coat hair, you have choices when it comes to your Yorkiepoo's grooming options. Genetics play a large role in Yorkiepoo hairstyle recommendations and it is best to allow your puppy to grow out for at least six months before you decide.

Puppy Cut

Even if your Yorkiepoo looks more poodle than Yorkie, the puppy cut is a popular style. The puppy cut simply leaves your dog with an even coat all over. Your dog's fur will be 1/2 inch long all over, with the topknot and cap left at about an inch long. This type of hairstyle requires less brushing and there is little risk of matting.

Teddy Bear Clip

The teddy bear clip is much like the puppy cut, but longer. This style is not really a "clip" because clippers are not used; this style is achieved with scissors alone. Your Yorkiepoo will have a coat that is about 2 inches long all over. This is a no-nonsense hair style that can be easily maintained at home. The teddy bear cut does demand regular brushing, and the area around the genitals and anal opening should be kept cut short to eliminate bathroom messes.


Schnauzer Cut

If your Yorkiepoo has the straight, thin hair more common to the Yorkie breed, the schnauzer cut works best. Your dog's back and sides are shaved with the skirt left long. The skirt is the hair from under the dog's neck to the tip of its tail. This includes the hair on the legs. The schnauzer cut leaves the length of the skirt up for personal choice. The cap and facial hair is left at 2 to 2 1/2 inches, with the face trimmed a little closer with a distinct mustache.

Yorkiepoo Cut Considerations

The current season is also a consideration; many dog owners opt for a shorter cut in summer and a longer style for the winter months. Regardless of your dog's coat type or physical features, the short puppy cut, with a shaved belly, will help your dog regulate its body temperature in the heat of the summer. A longer puppy cut will require more grooming, but your Yorkiepoo will appreciate the warmer coat on those bitter cold winter walks.