12 Birds Being Total Jerks

Ashley Tyler

Birds are graceful, majestic creatures that deserved to be cherished and admired. They can also be total jerks. Here are 12 birds that definitely woke up on the wrong side of the nest.

1 – There’s Not Enough Room for the Both of Us

Image: The Chive

We can all guess who’s the new pet in the house and which one feels a bit shafted. Jerk.

2 – Yeah, Come Take A Picture. I Dare You.

Video by YouTube user: Kyoot Animals

“He’s obviously tame” is right wrong. Grandma is never going to trust you again.

3 – Oh, Is This Still Wet? #SorryNotSorry


What? You expected the duck to actually use its wings and fly over the wet cement you just spent hours pouring and smoothing out? Think again, birdbrain.

4 – Political Parrot

Video by YouTube User: CNN

Well, we all know who that eagle’s NOT voting for.

5 – One Bitter Bird

Image: Giphy

Either that bird just went through a divorce or he doesn’t want his girlfriend to get any bright ideas (or both). You decide.

6 – Someone Tell That Cat to be Quiet

Video by YouTube User: Iyad Haddad

That bird did us all a favor.

7 – Anti-Selfie Bird

Image: Thug Lifer

We’ve all wanted to do this to someone taking a selfie at one point or another. That bird just beat us to it.

8 – Were You Going to Eat That?

Image: LifeBuzz

Sharing is caring, buddy.

9 – Who’s Dumb Now?

Video by You Tube User: Hooked On Wild Waters

That’ll teach that fisherman from coming into our lake, stealing our dinner and calling us dumb.

10 – I Thought We Told You To Stay Off Our Turf

Image: Giphy

We’re not going to tell you again. Stay on your side of the beach and no one gets hurt.

11 – No Means No

Image: Life Buzz

I told you to get your own. Now get out of here.

12 – What Are You Looking At, Lady?

Video by YouTube user: Randy Neal

Oh, you don’t like some stranger gawking at you? My mistake.


Main image: Daily Mail