15 Fantastic DIY Toys For Your Cat

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Hey crafty cat lovers, time to put on your DIY hat because we've compiled some of the best cat-centric projects to ever hit the web. Ready? Let's do it.


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1 - Toilet Paper Roll Treat Box

Image: FourWhitePaws
Save those empty rolls (or simply sigh and collect the remains when your cat decides it's time to unravel an entire thing of toilet paper all over the bathroom). Glue them into an empty tissue box, sprinkle in some treats, turn it on its side and voilà. Kitty is entertained for as long as it takes her to paw out all the treats!


2 - Pom Pom Dancer

Image Credit: Joy the Baker
Get some crafty inspiration from Joy the Baker's colorful take on the classic "Stuff on a Stick" model of cat toy. Pom poms forever!


3 - Feathery Fishing Pole

Image Credit: We Made That
This blogger's daughter made a gorgeous feather wand (or fishing pole, as she calls it) for her cat. Question - if you go fishing with this and you catch a really tiny CATfish, do you have to throw it back? Please say no, we want to keep it.


4 - Catnip Bubbles

Image Credit: Karmic-Chameleon via Reddit
Remember when you were a kid and a bottle of bubble solution could keep you entertained for hours? Oh, wait, that was just last week. Share the joy with your cat using this brilliant recipe for catnip-scented bubbles! (Be sure to use an unscented, non-toxic detergent.)


5 - Yarn Pom-Pom

Image Credit: Rachel Nielsen at Adventures of a DIY Mom
Though this tutorial doesn't specify that it's for a cat toy, the applications are obvious. Yarn + fork + five minutes = instant pom-pom on a string! Seriously, pom-poms forever.


6 - Fast Food Plushies

Image Credit: A Beautiful Mess
At last, your cat CAN haz cheezburger! (Sorry, that was a low ball.) This one from A Beautiful Mess requires some time and sewing skills. But holy moly are the results ever adorable, not to mention delicious-looking.


7 - Sock Mouse

Image Credit: Petfinder
The perfect second life for those single socks. No sewing required, just sock-scissors-paper! (And a pen. And some catnip.)


8 - Cardboard Castle

They already make themselves at home in any box left unattended for .02 seconds. Why not make it both official and attractive? This tutorial from Martha Stewart make recyclables regal.

9 - Mousigami

Image: Origami Spirit
Got a piece of paper and a little patience? This super cute origami mouse toy requires no tools but your hands. Turns out opposable thumbs are good for something besides head scritches and opening cans.

10 - Un-sissy Sisal

Image: Dream A Little Bigger

So many of those expensive scratching posts seem to fall apart completely after a few months (or days, even). But this baby is built to last. Minimal woodworking skills required for a handsome, sturdy result!

11 - Simple Spiral

Image: WikiHow
Step 1: Wrap a fuzzy pipecleaner around your finger. Step 2: Uh… Okay, this one may be almost too simple. But trust us, your cat will love these. And unlike the ones from the pet store made of plastic or metal, these don't stab your feet if you step on them.

12 - Peek-a-Puzzle

Image: Meeoow
So simple, so inexpensive, so entertaining. This cardboard puzzle box can be combined with any of your cat's favorite treats or toys to add an extra dimension of fun.

13 - Yarn Cork

Image: The Links Site
A clever combination of two things your cat probably already steals to play with on the regular - bits of string and old wine corks. This one's pretty straightforward, but if you want instructions, see here.

14 - T-shirt Tent

Image: jessyratfink for Instructables
A couple of wire hangers and an old shirt make a cozy camping spot for your cat. No open flames or marshmallows required. (Unfortunately?)

15 - Cat Clickbait

Image: Allons-y Kimberly
The visual pun is one your cat might not appreciate as much as you do. But hey, if cat toys were just to please your cat, you'd stick to cardboard boxes and dryer lint, right?


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