15 Handmade Dog Products for Under $20

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Dog lovers adore showering their favorite four legged friends with both affection and gifts. And why wouldn't they? There is no dedication and no-strings-attached affection like that of a dog, and while you want to buy your dog the best treats and toys, your wallet may not be quite so supportive.


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Fear not! These amazing handmade dog products will be sure to put a smile on that adorable furry face and they won't break the bank.

1. Delicious Dog Treats That Look Good Enough for People (From $1.99)

Image: Woofablesbakery.com


The Woofables Gourmet Dog Bakery makes delicious dog treats that your dog will love. Handmade from quality ingredients, these dog treats (like the pup tarts pictured above) look good enough to people to eat! Order individually or in bulk, but either way, these gourmet snacks are a serious step up from kibble.


2. Gorgeous Tooled Leather Collars ($19.99)

Image: Etsy


What do you put on your stylish pal so everyone knows his name? A beautifully hand crafted leather collar made by RSVPhandcrafted is so nice, your dog will flaunt it. And hey, why not get a matching one since it would make a pretty cute bracelet.

3. Upcycled Denim Dog Toys (From $7.99)

Image: Etsy


These adorable denim dinosaurs made by Rufflestiltskin are dog toys you and your pup can feel good about. Made from upcycled denim in a variety of blue shades, these prehistoric plushies will be your dog's new favorite buddies.

4. Interactive Hemp Rope Toys for Tug-of-War

Image: Otter Company


Rope toys can be a great way to exercise your dog as well as entertain you both with a great game of tug-of-war, so why not grab a couple of these handmade hemp rope toys made by the Otter Company? With no added dyes and made from all natural hemp these tossable toys will keep both you and your dog busy all day long. $8.99


5. Dog Beds Perfect for Napping (From $19.00)

Image: Mollymutt


Give your four legged friend their own sleep spot, with a cozy dog bed by Mollymutt. These dog beds are stylish enough to add to any room's decor, and comfy enough that your dog will get a great night's sleep.

6. Soft and Squeaky Dog Bones for Play and Cuddles ($8.11)

Image: Etsy

Grab one of these handmade squeakers for your dog for hours of fetching fun. Handmade bones by MisHelenEous come in colorful fabrics and will make for endless games and snuggles for your canine companion.

7. Never Lose Sight of Your Dog With Bright Dog Bandanas (From $9.95)

Image: Etsy

You won't lose track of your dog when she's wearing a vibrant patterned dog bandana like these ones made by SpottedDogShop. With several patterns and sizes, your dog will not only have a unique look (with an adorable bow), but be both comfortable and chic.

8. Take a Walk Without Worrying About Thirst ($16.00)

Image: Etsy

Don't worry about taking those long walks in the sunshine when you have one of these awesome waxed canvas dog bowls. Portable and stylish, with several unique colors, these made to order bowls can pack down into almost nothing and be ready to serve up a snack or fresh water without any clunky dishware.

9. Carob-Dipped Strawberry Cookies ($11.99)

Image: Hambone and Dogs

We all know that chocolate isn't safe for dogs to eat, but these made from scratch strawberry cookies dipped in carob yogurt won't hurt your favorite canine friend. Hambone and Dogs Pet Treats come in a variety of flavors, shapes, and sizes with even wheat and corn free versions, so you know your pet is getting the good stuff!

10. Wool Ball Dog Toys for Sensitive Mouths ($7.00)

Image: Muttropolis

These marbled wool dog ball toys are great for teething puppies with sensitive mouths, or older dogs who may have some dental issues. Who am I kidding? They are great for pretty much any dog who loves to fetch, and since they are so lightweight and soft they do double duty as a great indoor toy that cleans your dog's teeth.

11. Harness Joy With Polka Dots ($17.99)

Image: Etsy

When you have a furry friend whose energy cannot be contained, this fun turquoise polka dot harness might do the trick. Handmade from quality materials, the dog harness made by DazzleDoggieCo will not only express the playful personality of your pup, but keep her safe on your walks.

12. A Place to Keep Toys Safe ($14.00)

Image: Etsy

Every dog needs a place to put their toys, and this personalized toy bin is a great way to keep all those balls, squeaky bones, and plushies in one place. Each bin is made to order with playful vinyl paw stickers and bones. Keeping toys in this container may cut down on your dog's desire to bury them in the yard.

13. Don’t Worry About the Cold this Winter With a Dog Sweater ($14.99)

Image: Etsy

When your bestfriend is only 15 pounds and doesn't have a whole lot of hair to keep herself warm, this handmade knit sweater will do the trick! With bright colors and a gorgeous cabled knit pattern, your dog can leave the house looking stylish and staying warm.

14. Rock an Awesome Handstamped Dog Tag ($13.50)

Image: The Madstampers

No one wants to think about what might happen in you lose track of your dog, but these cool stamped metal dog tags will help ease any worry that he won't be able to get home. With room for both your dog's name and phone number, this is some bling he shouldn't leave the house without. Check out all of the different shapes, colors and styles and find the right neckwear as unique as your pet.

15. Walk in Style With a Handmade Lead (From $13.00)

Image: MonicaAnn Pets

If you've got your collar, and your harness, and your sweater, all you need now for the perfect walk on four paws is a sleek and simple leash. Get the classy look with a plain colored lead and sparkling gold hook, or spring for a printed pattern. (The pretty geometric print lead pictured above is $18)

16. Never Lose Another Toy With a Wooden Toy Crate ($17.25)

Image: Etsy

If your dog is the kind who loves to drag his toys all over the yard and back, this personalized dog toy crate is a great place to keep all his well-loved and potentially muddy toys without having to worry about them tracking in anything you'd rather stay outside. The chocolate colored wood and ivory paint create a rustic look, perfect for any deck or patio.