17 Animals Who Are Super Proud of Themselves Right Now

Cuteness Team

Here's a list of creatures, big and small, who understand the importance of taking (a whole lotta) pride in one's work.

1 - This pooch who's sure the song he's producing is gonna be a hit.

Image: Bunnyfood.tumblr.com

2 - This dog who's delighted with his paper-fetching skills.

Image: giphy

3 - This hippo who knows what's what.

IMage: memes.com

4 - This dog who can't wait for the big reveal.

Image: Roamaroundapp.tumblr.com

5 - This dog who knows fine art when he sees it.

Image: Flipboard.com

6 -This dog who's pretty sure his human is actually buying his side of the story.

Image: Imgur

7 - This corgi who believes he can fly; he believes he can touch the sky.

Image: imgur

8 - This dog who thinks his homework is way too easy

Image: cuteanimalsonline

9 - This lab who threw a solo pool party and it was freakin' awesome.

Image: Hashtagsear.ch

10 - This gorilla who thinks bipedalism is no biggie

Image: playen8.bloguez.com

11 - This dog who's glad no one else likes bunny poop because that means more for him!

Image: Imgur

12 - This kitten who's the king of all he surveys.

Image: Imgur

13 - 14 These award-winning pooches who can dog better than your dog.

Image: Imgur

Image: Imgur

15 - This baller.

Image: Imgur

16 - This lab who wants to know how many tennis balls YOU can do.

Image: Imgur

17 - This new mom who just squeezed out pups and still manages to look fabulous.

Image: Imgur