20 Costumes That Are Perfect For Big Dogs

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Larger dog breeds often get overlooked when it comes to costumes, probably because there's a much larger quantity of dog to deal with. Don't let that stop you from getting your big buddy all gussied up. Here are 20 fun ideas we'd like to propose — with some costume choices more obvious than others. Take a look!

1. Lion (DIY)

Credit: Instructables

King of the jungle! Or king of the backyard. Either way, that's a good-looking mane and a good-looking dog. You can make one for your own pooch with faux fur and a little determination.


2. Racehorse

Credit: Flickr

If your dog is already the size of a small horse, just strap on a little jockey puppet to complete the ensemble. Odds are good that this costume will get some laughs.


3. Ballerina

Credit: Vet Street

It's the accessories that set this ballerina costume apart from all the posers in tutus. Real talent requires a headband and a minimum of two legwarmers.


4. The Hulk

Credit: Funcage

Slip into some cut-offs, splash on some (natural, non-toxic) green dye, and leave the mild mannered disguise at home. It's time to SMASH.


5. Cerberus

Credit: Pets Lady

Cerberus was the three-headed dog who guarded the underworld in Greek mythology. It's a good thing this is just a costume; imagine having to deal with three heads worth of slobber.


6. Ghost

Credit: @jenna.rainbows/Instagram

As long as you have a white sheet that's big enough to cover your dog (and you don't mind cutting some holes in it), this is a great costume.


7. Nana from Peter Pan

Credit: Universal Studios/Movie Screencaps

Contrary to popular belief, the character of Nana was originally written as a Newfoundland, but subsequent adaptations of Peter Pan have changed her into a Saint Bernard. No matter what kind of dog you have, they're going to look super cute in that little ruffled bonnet.


8. Football Player

Credit: Flickr

Considering the size of the average football player, it shouldn't be too hard to find a jersey that fits even the biggest dog. The helmet might be a little more difficult.


9. Star Wars AT-AT

Credit: Inhabitat

If you're looking to score some serious nerd points, dress your dog as an AT-AT Walker, which is a seventy foot tall, bullet proof, robot dog with blaster cannons. (The AT-AT Walker was first introduced in The Empire Strikes Back, and it stands for All Terrain Armored Transport. Nerd points!)

10. Princess (DIY)

Credit: Polished Habitat

A princess costume is pretty easy. If you've got a tiara, you're halfway there. What really sells it is how the princess behaves: is she regal, courteous, and a little aloof? Or is she eating something out of the garbage and barking at the mailman?

11. Panda

Credit: Dogtime

Back in 2014, a zoo in China got into trouble for passing off a pair of chow chow puppies as baby pandas. See how many people you can fool this year with your own panda puppy!

12. Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

Credit: @the-tin-dog/Tumblr

Last year this costume might have been too retro for anyone to understand, but thanks to the new Ghostbusters movie, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is back in the public eye. Finally, all that white fluff can be put to good use.

13. Fairy

Credit: Prince of Dundalk

Fairies come in all shapes and sizes. Just because you've never seen one that looked like a Mastiff doesn't mean they don't exist.

14. Where’s Waldo

Credit: Brit+Co

Where's Waldo? More importantly, who is Waldo, and is he a good boy? Does Waldo want a cookie? Does he? Yes, he does!

15. Rhinoceros

Credit: @riles_and_yosh/Instagram

Sure, you could dress up your dog as a unicorn, but if you're into the single horn thing, why not for the stately, pragmatic rhinoceros? Not only will your dog be completely unique, but you can raise awareness for an endangered species! Because that's what Halloween is all about, right?

16. Scooby Doo

Credit: College Humor

Scooby Doo is one of the most famous dogs in all of TV and film, and he makes the perfect low-key costume for a Great Dane, if you happen to have one lying around. Remember to grab some Scooby Snacks when you're stocking up on candy.

17. Giraffe

Credit: RoyalTailCoats/Etsy

Which side of a giraffe has the most spots? The outside! Keep that in mind if you're planning on dressing up your dog in a cute giraffe onesie like this.

18. School Bus

Credit: Costume Works

Most buses just drive around on a regular route, but this one chases squirrels, rolls in mud, and gives big slobbery kisses.

19. Siberian Husky

Credit: Reddit

Wait, that's not a Siberian Husky! That's an Alaskan Malamute wearing a hat! Come on, big guy, you're not fooling anyone.

20. Beanie Baby (DIY)

Credit: Instructables

Sometimes the best costumes are the ones that make use of your natural features. Add a tag to your dog's collar to turn them into a real life Beanie Baby, and then start building your collection.