Animal Memes That Perfectly Illustrate PMS

We feel you ladies. You're not 100% right now, and we totally get it. So we'll just clear a path for you and then hit you up in a week or so. In the meantime, we hope these animal memes will help.

1. Not to be a walking cliché, but it’s kind of like...


2. And somehow, just because other women go through it, that doesn't make it any less terrible.

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3. And then, of course, there's PMS anxiety!

Credit: Relatably

4. And just. The Worst. Mood.

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5. But woe is the person who tries to blame any of your behavior on that time of month...

Credit: Corner of Confessions

6. ...or anyone who thinks there's some kind of magic pill that'll fix it.

7. And then you start to feel guilty for lashing out. Sometimes TOO guilty.

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8. Oh yes, and let's not forget the weight gain, which you know is probably mostly water rentention, but that doesn't make you feel any better about it.

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9. And your boobs are like twice their normal size, which should make you feel sexy, but...yeah right...

Credit: PetMD

10. And, oh hey, it would really be great if your uterus could just stop punching all of your insides...

Credit: FunnyAsADuck

11. ...and your head could stop pounding for just one second.

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12. And finally — the cravings. Which, of course, you give in to because after what you've been through, you f***ing deserve it.

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