Can Dogs and Cats Sense the Supernatural?

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Most people know that animals have keen senses. Animal senses are pretty much like human senses but more acute. Their senses also vary a little in strength from species to species. Animals can sense a variety of dangers. Cats and dogs can sense if a predator is near or when a terrible storm is approaching. But, can they sense something more esoteric — like the supernatural?


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Putting aside the question of whether or not ghosts actually do exist (we'll let you decide that for yourself!), a substantial number of self-professed "ghost hunters" around the world have identified certain criteria that they believe provide evidence of paranormal activity. And if so, animals with their keen senses undoubtedly have the leg up when it comes to detecting this "ghostly" evidence!


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Down through the ages, whether in fact or fable, animals were depicted as being able to sense invisible presences and unexplained activity. Dogs barked at nothing and cats stared inexplicably into empty space. Dogs and their canine sixth sense could always penetrate the deceptive tricks of the devil or detect the presence of ghostly visitors! Cats could sense much the same, including invading aliens and supernatural beings. But then again, it is well known that cats have been the favorite familiars of witches!


Cats and dogs have a strong sense of smell

The theory of animals sensing the supernatural is not as far-fetched as it may seem. A cat's sense of smell is far superior to that of a human but a dog possesses a sense of smell that is even more acute! A dog can smell odors we couldn't ever detect. Their sense of smell is completely different from ours, so it's reasonable to conclude that paranormal activity can be detected through minute odors we couldn't possibly know exists.


The dogs' sense of smell has been used for detecting drugs or predicting seizures and other health problems like cancer and diabetes by sensing the faint odor change in a patient. The dog's olfactory sense has also been used for bomb detection and finding missing people. Taking all this into consideration, you may conclude that dogs have a lot of the necessary equipment in order to spot the supernatural or any wayward spirit.


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Cats and dogs can hear at higher frequencies than humans

Professional ghost hunters use all types of amplified microphones for catching the creepy sounds a ghost may make. Cats and Dogs are naturally equipped to hear higher frequency sounds than us. Cats are capable of moving their ears independently in order to hone in on wherever the sounds originate. This aids them in sensing prey, such as rodents, but who's to say they are not hearing sounds from another realm?



Some people believe animals can detect electromagnetic fields. EMF detectors that are used for measuring and detecting electromagnetic fields are also the tools of ghost hunters. Many people believe animals can sense supernatural energies already, but the idea has not been widely accepted.


Cats and dogs have great night vision

Ghost hunters also use special night vision cameras and equipment for seeing in total darkness. Dogs, and especially cats, are already equipped with this special physical feature allowing them to see in near-total darkness!


Dogs can sense atmospheric pressure changes

Dogs (and even humans) have the ability to sense changes in atmospheric pressure. Whether it is the result of aching bunions, bones, or muscles — some people just know when to expect bad weather. The same applies to animals who have learned how to read their bodily changes and apply that information to approaching danger! A haunted location could trigger this sense in animals when there is an energy change in the room resulting in goosebumps and uneasy feelings.

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Maybe your pet thinks you're the "ghost"

Of course, another explanation for your pet reacting weird is that your pet is reacting to you! That's right, animals can pick up subtle clues when you're feeling uneasy. The end result could stress your pet to the point of your pet becoming confused or tense.

In summary

Cats and dogs have senses that are stronger than that of a human. They have acute sensitivity to smell, hearing, and vision. If a predator is nearby, or when a terrible storm is on its way, they can tell. At any moment, your pet may be reacting to any changes going on in their environment — including you!



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