Can I Stop Dog Barking With a Whistle?

If Fido's barking is driving you crazy and you keep yelling at him to stop, just know that you're encouraging him to keep going -- he thinks you're barking back at him and is having a good old time. Find out what's triggering your pet companion's behavior -- maybe he needs more attention or maybe a few new dog toys can keep him entertained so he doesn't even think about barking. To nip his noisy behavior in the bud, arm yourself with a whistle and plenty of dog treats. Fido will be quiet in no time.

Step #1 - Wait for your dog to start barking or ring the doorbell to get him to bark.

Step #2 - Blow the whistle to interrupt your dog's barking. The loud noise will startle your dog and stop him in his tracks. As an alternative to an audible whistle, use a dog whistle. Humans can't hear the high frequency sound of a dog whistle and your neighbors will surely appreciate it.

Step #3 - Praise your dog and give him a treat when he's quiet. If your pet companion continues barking, blow the whistle again to startle him and stop his barking. When he listens, give him a treat and redirect his attention by giving him a dog toy to play with.

Step #4 - Blow the whistle each time your dog starts his undesired barking -- be consistent. Make sure all family members use the whistle to correct your dog's nuisance barking. Over time, your pet companion will associate his barking with the unpleasant sound of the whistle and will choose to be quiet and be praised instead.

By Kimberly Caines

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