Caring for A Dog When Working Full-Time

There are plenty of alternative options for pet parents to find a work-pooch balance in their life. Spending lunch break with your pup, hiring a dog walker and dog day care are all positive, healthy and beneficial ways to keep your dog busy while you are at work. Providing your dog with a safe at-home environment and including toys, games and even setting up an interactive camera are resolutions for dogs who stay home alone.

Have lunch with your dog and provide plenty of toys.

Pet parents who work close to home, can arrange to go home for their lunch hour; using this time to walk, feed and play with their dog. This time spent together benefits the dog by allowing him to have social interaction, get exercise and stretch his legs during the day.

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If spending lunch time with your pup is not an option, providing treat dispenser toys, puzzle box toys with treats hidden inside, plush toys, balls and other toys your dog favors will keep him occupied while he is home alone.

Enroll your dog in day care or install a pet camera.

Search for a doggy day care with knowledgeable and caring staff. Being at the day care meets a dog's daily needs for activity and attention. It's beneficial for dogs who feel lonely, bored or conduct destructive behavior when left alone for long periods of time. Some day care facilities offer additional services such as grooming services and obedience training. Before enrolling a dog in day care, check with the rules and regulations of the facility. Taking a tour of the facility, meeting the staff and reviewing health, vaccination and safety policies is recommended.

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At times, doggy day care may not be an option for busy pet parents. An alternative option is to install an interactive pet-cam. This allows pet parents to keep an eye and communicate verbally with their stay-at-home dog throughout the day.

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Hire a dog walker.

Dog walkers provide daily exercise, fresh water and socialization on a daily basis. Some dog walkers also provide an extended service by arranging play dates for your dog, even bringing him to a dog park for his play session. Keep in mind when hiring a dog walker, he will have unsupervised access to your home when retrieving and returning your dog from his walk.

Be sure to spend lots of quality time when you are around.

Pet parents who return home after a long day at work should focus their attention on spending quality time with their dog. Quantity of time, is not nearly as important as quality of time. Play games such as fetch and tug-of-war or go for a walk and visit a dog park after work if possible. dogs enjoy bonding and spending time with their pet parents, whether during the week or on a weekend visit to the lake, beach or park.