14 Downright Awesome Tattoo Ideas For Cat Lovers

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Thinking of getting a permanent reminder of your BFF (best fuzzy friend)? Check out these awesome cat tattoo ideas!


1. This tat uses negative space to make a little cartoon-like cat.

Video of the Day

Credit: mnmelo1 on Instagram


Video of the Day

2. Care to catch your cat in action? Here ya go:

Credit: mksweetland on Instagram


3. You can always give your feline a more whimsical treatment:

Credit: rikardotattooart on Instagram


4. Or a sweet book illustration vibe:

Credit: tattoo_grain on Instagram


5. Wear your heart on your sleeve:

Credit: lademoiselletatouee on Instagram



6. The detail on this black-and-white beauty is incredible:

Credit: netkah on Instagram


7. Pink and purple may be traditionally thought of as girly, but we think this design is decided chic:

Credit: dotattoo_ on Instagram


8. The "o" is a cat! Brilliant!

Credit: kimberly_aline on Instagram

9. Oh hello, there. We almost missed you.

Credit: Jameydodgers on Instagram


10. Sometimes a simple line drawing is all you need:

Credit: juliap3rsson on Instagram

11. Camo-cat!

Credit: ivymossini on Instagram

12. Perhaps this symbolizes your "better half"?

Credit: jeffersonruiztattoo on Instagram

13. You know what they say: It's best to adopt cats in pairs. Same goes for tattoos:

Credit: youngcardinals91 on Instagram

14. We can think of only one word to describe this tattoo: AWWWWWWWW.

Credit: romymakesthings on Instagram


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