Characteristics of Schnoodles

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Schnoodles, also called snoodles and snoodies, are crossbred dogs with poodle and miniature schnauzer ancestry. The breed is not recognized by the American Kennel Club. Unlike many purebreeds, the snoodle is bred specifically for the domestic environment, making him a very adaptable pet. Because he has a more varied gene pool than his purebred cousins, the snoodle is less prone to inherited health problems. Snoodles display various physical and behavioral characteristics that make them appealing to lovers of schnauzers and poodles alike.



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Alertness is a trait that he inherits from both parent breeds. The poodle is famous for his alertness: you have to get up pretty early to fool him. The miniature schnauzer is also very alert. Crossbreeds don't always display a perfect blend of the attributes that their ancestor breeds have—genetics doesn't work like that—but in the case of the snoodle, alertness is highly probable.



Poodles are among the most intelligent dog breeds in the world. According to a study led by psychology professor Dr. Stanley Coren, the poodle is the world's second-most-intelligent breed. (Border collies, in case you're curious, are first.) Schnauzers aren't dumb, but aren't as razor-sharp as the poodle. A typical snoodle has above-average to high intelligence.


Curly Hair

Snoodles typically have curly coats, but some individuals have a coat that is more wavy. The curly coat is inherited from the poodle. It is a myth that this coat is hypoallergenic. While it sheds very little and creates hardly any dander—the cause of allergies—no coat is truly hypoallergenic. The coat of the snoodle is more suitable for allergy sufferers than that of other, longer-haired breeds, but it also requires lots of grooming.


Compact Size

Because the snoodle isn't a purebred, it doesn't have a uniform size. But since both parent breeds are typically small, you can expect your snoodle to achieve a height of approximately 12 inches and a weight of around 20 pounds. Of course, if you know something about your snoodle's family tree you can make a more informed estimate.


Activity Level

Snoodles require moderate exercise. One or two daily walks are typically sufficient to keep boredom and hyperactivity at bay, but your pet won't protest if you want to exercise him more. His modest exercise needs, small stature and non-shedding coat make him the ideal breed to live in an apartment.


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