Do Cataracts in a Dog Hurt?

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If your dog has developed a cloudy eye, he may have a cataract, which can lead to pain. Cataracts are not painful alone, but they can cause painful secondary problems. Your veterinarian should evaluate your dog. If you notice your dog squinting or rubbing his eye, you should treat the problem as an emergency.


Pain With Cataracts

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A cataract is an opacity in your dog's lens. If your dog's cataract enlarges or slips within the eye, it can lead to glaucoma. The increased pressure that results from the change in the cataract is painful; an affected eye can become permanently damaged. Cataracts can dissolve over time, which leads to inflammation in the eye, called uveitis. Not only is uveitis painful, it can lead to glaucoma. Your vet should regularly evaluate your dog for changes to minimize the painful consequences of cataracts.


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