Do Pomeranians Have Dander?

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Like all animals, Pomeranians have dander. Dander has nothing to do with an animal's hair or how much they shed, because dander comes from skin cells. Dander, and the associated allergens, attach to the hairs shed by a dog or become airborne and trigger reactions from people that are allergic. However, people with pet allergies may still have Pomeranians if they properly manage their allergies and take steps to minimize the dander in their homes.

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All animals produce dander, and the Pomeranian is no exception. Dander is flakes of dead skin cells that are constantly shed by mammals. It is similar to human dandruff, but it usually cannot be seen with the naked eye. Dander, and not the hair of the animal, is what causes pet allergies in people.

Characteristics of the Coat


In addition to having dander like every other dog, the Pomeranian has an abundance of hair. These dogs have a double coat. The both coats are very thick. The top coat is coarse but the under coat is soft to the touch. The Pomeranian sheds the plush under coat once or twice a year while the harsher top coat sheds constantly. The hair needs to be brushed on a regular basis to maintain it and to avoid mats.

Are Pomeranians Hypoallergenic?

Because Pomeranians have dander, they cannot be hypoallergenic. There is no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog, because all animals have dander. However, some breeds may be less likely to trigger allergic reactions in people because they do not have as much dander as other types of dogs. Pomeranians might not be the best options for allergy suffers seeking a "hypoallergenic" dog, because this breed sheds constantly. While the hair does not trigger a reaction, dander can be transported on hairs. Therefore, more loose hairs may lead to more loose dander.


Dealing with Pet Allergies

If you have pet allergies but wish to keep a pet, consult with a doctor to see what kinds of medications are available to people who suffer from allergies. Then thoroughly clean your home to remove the current buildup of dander. All fabrics must be washed or thrown out. Wear a mask when vacuuming to avoid breathing in dander. Bare floors and walls collect the least amount of dander, but if you have carpets and rugs, vacuum and steam clean them often. Hard surfaces, including floors and baseboards, need to be scrubbed. Have your animal regularly groomed to keep skin healthy and less likely to produce excessive amounts of dander.


By Kali Allison

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