Does Teething Cause A Puppy To Drool?

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Teething is a trying time in the life of any puppy owner. The puppy teeth begin erupting around age 3 weeks; the adult teeth start coming in at around 3 1/2 months. Your pup will have his full set of adult teeth, 42 in all, by approximately 7 months old. Your pooch will be going through a lot of changes. Drooling is just one of them.


What to Expect

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Because your puppy's adult teeth are pushing his baby teeth out, his gums and entire mouth may be sore and painful. He may begin drooling, sometimes seemingly excessively. You can also expect your puppy to be reluctant to eat and a little irritable. Pick up everything he can reach: He'll have the urge to chew, and he could destroy furniture, shoes and other things. Or, he may just drool on your possessions.


By Jasey Kelly

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