16 Epic Dog-Themed Birthday Cakes

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Attention dog lovers! Got a birthday coming up? Take some inspiration from these beyond amazing doggy-themed cakes.

1. Did you also do a double-take? So lifelike!

Credit: Meycakes on Instagram

2. Giva a dog a bone. Or several.

Credit: loveliz_tastytang on Instagram


3. For the dog lover who appreciates design and simplicity:

Credit: catfishstevens on Instagram

4. This is like a cartoon come to life!

Credit: seraptetikaltas on Instagram


5. We already feel bad digging into this 'lil guy. Too cute!

Credit: adamscakes on Instagram

6. Someone should put this in a museum.

Credit: chiquito2804 on Instagram


7. '90s girls, this Puppy Surprise cake is for you!

Credit: manugomita on Instagram

8. Okay. This. Is. ADOOOOORABLE!

Credit: thefinickybaker on Instagram


9. This literally must have taken weeks.

Credit: peanutandsawyer on Instagram

10. This little fondant puppy is melting our hearts.

Credit: craftycakesexeter on Instagram


11. "Happy woofday!"

Credit: sparklyflowerycatherine on Instagram


12. This is for your friend who loves dogs but is also basically Posh Spice.

Credit: creativecakesandbakes.com.au on Instagram

13. This could almost be The Poky Little Puppy's twin!

Credit: vivdean on Instagram


14. YUM.

Credit: liz_cakery on Instagram

15. Even more yum!

Credit: spiffycakes on Instagram


16. Almost too perfect to eat. J/k, can we have a slice now, please?

Credit: anna_sugar_story on Instagram