Dogs That Have Wavy Hair

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Dogs with wavy hair are both soft and stylish, and their coats are easier to care for than curly ones. They can have single or double coats in a variety of textures and lengths. Learn about some dog breeds with wavy hair and tips on caring for a wavy coat.

Dogs That Have Wavy Hair

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Wavy vs. curly coats

A dog's coat texture is determined by his genes. The gene for curly hair can result in a wide range of coat textures and lengths. A curly coated dog has tight curls and coarse hair, which is more easily tangled or matted. Dogs with wavy hair have looser curls and a softer coat.


Big dogs with wavy hair

The Chesapeake Bay retriever (or "Chessie") was bred for hunting. They weigh between 55 and 70 pounds and are athletic, loyal, and affectionate. Chessie coat colors range from chocolate brown to a lighter tan, and they are medium-length with a wavy and oily texture. They are famous for their short, waterproof coat and are a favorite breed for retrieving waterfowl.


The regal borzoi is an intelligent sighthound who was originally bred to hunt wolves. Weighing between 75 and 106 pounds, the borzoi is described as friendly yet aloof. They have long, wavy coats that are mainly white or cream-colored but can range to sable, brown, and black.

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Medium-size dogs with wavy hair

The Kerry blue terrier is named for an attractive blue-gray, medium-length coat that is wavy and incredibly soft. Adults weigh around 30 to 40 pounds, and the breed is known for being loyal and highly intelligent. Originally bred as watchdogs, they are affectionate with family members but can be standoffish with strangers.


Another medium dog with wavy hair, the soft-coated wheaten terrier, was bred as a farm dog. Wheaten terriers are low-shedding with silky, wavy coats that range from pale beige to golden. Though they do have a watchdog nature, they are known for being extremely friendly and sociable.


Small dogs with wavy hair

The Havanese is a cheerful, friendly toy breed who is native to Cuba. This breed weighs between 7 and 13 pounds and has a long, wavy double coat that is silky and soft. Their coat can be gold, brown, cream, white, or brindle. They are low-shedding but do require regular grooming.


The Bolognese (or "Bolo") resembles a small, fluffy cloud and hails from Italy. Bolos weigh around 6 to 10 pounds and are friendly, easygoing, and calm. They have a long, wavy white coat and need to be brushed regularly to prevent matting.

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Caring for a wavy coat

Wavy-haired dogs will need more grooming than those with straight hair, but how much maintenance is required will depend on the coat length and texture. Some dogs with wavy hair shed less than others, but others may appear to shed less due to loose hair caught in their coat. Regular brushing will help minimize shedding and keep a wavy coat looking its best. A slicker or pin brush works well to detangle and remove loose hair from long and/or double coats.


How often you should bathe wavy-haired dogs will depend on factors like coat length, how much time they spend playing in the mud, and any skin conditions they may have. In general, it's recommended to bathe dogs with wavy hair every four to six weeks with regular brushing between baths. Bathing a dog too often can strip the natural oils from the skin and result in irritation. Grooming wipes are great for extending time between baths, as they remove dirt, loose hair, and odors. If your wavy-haired dog needs to be bathed frequently, be sure to use a moisturizing dog shampoo or a conditioner to keep the skin healthy and moisturized.



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