Video: Homemade Dog Bath Wipes

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Dog wipes come in incredibly handy whenever Buster starts to smell a bit ripe (or if he's been romping through puddles) and you don't have time to give him a good scrub. Also, bathing him too frequently can strip him of his skin's natural oils. So, how do you keep Buster smelling fresh without having to buy pricy pet wipes on the regular? By making your own wipes with 100% natural ingredients for a lot less dough! Yep, you can, and it's easier than you think. Watch our video below and read our detailed instructions below to see how.


What you'll need

Materials: • Heavy duty paper towel roll (we recommend Viva or Bounty)
• Airtight container that will fit the width of the roll and at least half the length
• Mixing bowl
• Wire whisk
• Sharp knife

Ingredients: • 2 cups hot water
• ¼ cup 100% pure aloe vera gel for extra moisturizing wipes -OR- ½ cup Apple Cider Vinegar for extra deodorizing power
• ½ tsp vitamin E oil (conditioning)
• 8 drops tea tree oil* (antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal. Please see note of CAUTION below)
• 8 drops lavender oil (calming)



Step 1 - Using the sharp knife, cut the paper towel roll to the height of your airtight container and place the cut roll inside.
Step 2 - Pour two cups of hot water into the mixing bowl. Filtered or bottled water is fine for most dogs, but if your dog has sensitive skin, consider using distilled water.

Step 3 - Whisk in the tea tree* and lavender oils and aloe vera gel or apple cider vinegar, depending on your dog's needs. Aloe vera moisturizes, cools, and soothes irritated skin while apple cider vinegar is a highly effective natural deodorizer. (Don't worry, the vinegar scent dissipates quickly and the fragrance of the essential oils will remain.)
Step 4 - Pour the mixture over the paper towels in the container. Remove the cardboard tube from the center of the roll, then secure the airtight lid.
Step 5 - Let sit for about an hour or until the paper towels have absorbed all the liquid.
Step 6 - Your wipes are ready to use! Simply pull from the center of the roll and tear off.



To prevent drying out, always reseal your container immediately after using your wipes, and store them in the fridge if possible (or any cool, dark place). Make sure that your wipes aren't stored in direct sunlight.

*CAUTION: Never use undiluted tea tree oil on your pet, as it is toxic in its 100% pure form. You should always dilute tea tree oil in water at a ratio of n_o more than_ 1 part oil to 100 parts water (1%). However, it's possible that your dog may be allergic to tea tree oil, so it's always a good idea to perform an allergy test by applying a small area of your pet's bare skin with diluted tea tree oil before using it as a topical treatment. Tea tree oil is for topical use only—never allow your pet to ingest it.---

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