How to Calm Your New Puppy at Night

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Nighttime can be one of the most difficult times for a novice pet owner with a brand new puppy. As your new puppy tries to get used to her crate, you may struggle with her incessant whining to be let out. The good news is this isn't something you have to deal with every night. When a puppy is made calm, she's less likely to make noise. This allows you both to have a calm, restful night.


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Items You Will Need:

• Hot water bottle
• Old T-shirt
• Toys
• Old-fashioned clock

Tip #1 - Exercise

Make sure your puppy exercises before bed. Puppies who are too wound up before bed will have a hard time calming down for the night. Ten to 20 minutes before bed, take your puppy for a long walk or play with her until she tuckers out. She'll be more apt to take to her crate than if she were wide awake.


Tip # 2 - Hot Water Bottle

Place a hot water bottle under his covers to mimic him being with his litter mates. Cover the bottle with a cloth cozy so that the puppy's delicate skin can't come into direct contact with it, which poses a burn risk. The heat can be very comforting for the little puppy and can help his body relax. He'll be sleeping in no time and won't even notice the water bottle cooling down.

Tip # 3 - Soothe Puppy With Your Scent


Add an old T-shirt to the crate so your puppy smells your scent. Most puppy breeds want to stick to their new owner rather than go in a crate. By placing a T-shirt in the crate, she's able to smell your scent and more easily go to sleep.

Tip # 4 - Favorite Toy

Keep a favorite toy in the crate for him to play with until he's sleepy. A toy can be a great item to keep him busy, just in case he isn't sleepy yet. He'll play with the toy until he's sleeping, allowing you to go to sleep without listening to your new pup whine.


Tip # 5 - Ticking Clock

Mimic the sound of her mother's heartbeat with an old-fashioned clock. The clock can be placed inside an old sock that is tied off and then tucked into the corner of the crate. The ticking provides a soothing sound that will remind the pup of her mother's heartbeat.

Tip # 6 - Ignore Whining!

Puppies will usually whine upon first being put in his crate. If there's nothing wrong with him, ignore the whining and give him time to quiet down. Most puppies will whine for around 20 - 30 minutes (though it may feel like much longer to you!) before getting tired and finally falling asleep.



• Avoid using heating pads to add warmth to the crate as they may cause serious burns should the puppy burrow down and come into direct contact with it.
• Don't ignore a puppy's whining if it occurs after they've been asleep for a while. Puppies will usually need a potty break in the middle of the night so be sure to let them out if the whining occurs when they wake up after a long slumber.

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