How to Keep an Adult Dog Off the Bed

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Dogs like a warm and comfy spot to sleep, just like humans, so it is no surprise that they often try to slide into bed with their owners. Many owners, however, would prefer their dog sleep somewhere else. A little training can go a long way in teaching your dog where he should sleep.

Items You Will Need:

• Treats
• Toy
• Dog bed


Step 1:
Teach your dog to get on the bed. This seems counter-intuitive, but if your dog is already getting on the bed, you aren't going to teach him anything he doesn't already know. Instead, you are teaching him a command that invites him into the bed. Your goal is to teach him that unless he is invited, he shouldn't get on the bed.

While your dog is watching, toss a treat onto the bed, saying "up" at the same time. When he hops on the bed, he will get the treat as a reward, as well as some praise from you.

Step 2:
Get him off the bed the same way. Tell him "off" while you toss a treat onto the floor. When he hops down, he gets the treat and praise. Repeat the up and off until he seems to understand the commands. Gradually stop rewarding him with a treat each time. If he does what you ask without you tossing treats, he understands the commands.


Step 3:
Show him fun stuff happens on the floor. Sit on the edge of the bed and pet him while he sits on the floor. If he has a favorite toy, play with it while you are on the bed and he is on the floor. If he gets excited or simply wants to join you, tell him off, and continue what you are doing.

Step 4:
Provide him with a spot to sleep. If you don't necessarily care if he sleeps in his crate, but you just don't want him sleeping in the bed, get him a dog bed and set it near your bed. If you don't want him sleeping in your room at all, put it in a spot he already hangs out in during the day.


Step 5:
Supervise him closely while you are teaching him to stay off the bed. Habits in adult dogs can take a while to change. You don't want him to think he is allowed in your bed as long as you aren't in the room. If you consistently keep him off the bed, he will learn that he isn't permitted there. If you want to make absolutely sure he isn't hopping on the bed when you aren't around, close the bedroom door or block it with a baby gate so he cannot have access to the bed.

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By Stephanie Dube Dwilson