How to Keep Dogs Out of the Cabinets

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Dogs are curious creatures who love to explore and investigate. Some were bred for hunting and searching, so it's no wonder that they often take on a scavenger hunt in our homes, especially when we are away. With some simple dogproofing steps, you can keep your dog and home safe.


Dogproofing is similar to babyproofing.

Similar to babyproofing, you'll want to invest in some things to lock areas you don't want your dog to access. Use tools like petproof or childproof cabinet locks and dog gates. Keeping items out of your pet's reach is also a good way to stop him from getting into things. This is especially important when you have a puppy, as puppies can easily get hurt and can fit into tight spaces due to their small size.

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Store things out of your dog's reach

Dogs are curious, and having food and treats in low cabinets may be extra enticing. Storing these things higher may help prevent your dog from breaking into the cabinets. It's also important to keep dangerous products, like cleaning chemicals, pesticides, and medication, away from places your pet can access in order to keep her safe.


If you don't have high cabinets, consider installing shelving out of your pet's reach for valuables you don't want her to find. Avoid this technique with items that can be hazardous to your pet, though, since they could still be at risk of falling where the dog can get to them. Always keep chairs or stools away from counters, as they can help a dog climb to higher levels.


Use dogproof cabinet locks

Use cabinet locks.
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Things can't always be moved up high, however, so locking cabinets and doors is an important way to help your dog stay safe. Dogproof cabinet locks keep household items, like cleaning sprays and garbage cans, safe and secured in your home and away from your pet. There are a variety of styles of cabinet locks available to keep your pets out.


If you would rather not drill your cabinets, there are many other options and methods besides mounted latches. Adhesive and magnetic cabinet closures can be efficient petproof cabinet locks. Some attach handles together so the door cannot be pulled, while others lock the door to the cabinet wall.


Keep in mind, though, that dogs who are big chewers may bite through some outer childproof locks made from plastic or thin materials. If your pet falls in that category, opt for something made from a stronger material or choose an interior lock.


Use dogproof gates

Puppy or baby gates can be a big help in the process of dogproofing your home. These handy safety tools can keep your dog out of a whole area, like the kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom, by blocking off the entryway.


Puppy or baby gates can be a big help
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They're not just meant to deter. Rather than thinking of the fencing as solely a way to restrict your dog, you can use it to give him his own space and make him a fun place to play and relax. Block off an area for him in which he can relax with a cozy bed and his favorite toys. Like a kennel, which can also be a way to keep your dog out of cabinets when you're not home, a fenced-off space may provide a sense of security by allowing your dog to have a cozy corner that is all his.



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