How To Tell When A Dog Is Done Delivering Puppies

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Because your dog's delivery is marked by contractions for each puppy, the cessation of contractions typically indicates she is finished with labor and all of the pups are out. Regardless, your dog should see a vet within 24 hours of the final delivery to ensure that no pups have been left inside.


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Finishing Delivery

As your dog delivers each puppy, she will noticeably strain, tensing her abdominal muscles. On average, it will take her about 10 minutes of straining to produce each pup. Delivery schedules vary by breed -- while some dogs have all of their pups in relatively steady succession, others may birth one or two, take a break for a hour or so, then continue. This largely depends on the dog's size and shape, as those with narrower heads, like collies, birth their young more easily than those with bigger, rounder heads, like pugs. If your dog goes several hours without noticeably straining, make an appointment to see your vet within 24 hours. This is to confirm that she is completely done delivering and in good health, and that she didn't retain any other byproducts, like placenta.


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